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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, my name is Cameron and i would like to introduce myself and find out how i apply to be a police officer or civilian
  2. dmex


    hey everyone. names justin go by Dmex. been watching the rp side off gta for a bit now and have finnaly decided to try it for my self. looks fun and a great comunity you all have started. I would love to join.
  3. ArmedMark

    My Intro

    Hi everyone! My name is Mark and came across the ADG server through a twitch stream and loved what I saw. GTARP seems more fun that I initially thought and I'd love to get involved. I've always been interested in the RP style of DnD but I think GTA is more my style. I'm excited to start and build a character and grow within the community.
  4. Hello ADG community, My name is Kathamar, long time gamer, father, biker, and mechanic. A couple years ago I was introduced to 5M through YouTube and have always enjoyed the concept, though struggled to find a community that took it seriously with minimal drama. I have been pointed in your direction by a viewer in my stream and a friend who has already registered here and has encouraged me to check it out. I have a long history of RP ranging from table top to live action and I thoroughly enjoy losing myself in a character and for a brief time living a different life (usually one without arguing kids). I look forward to meeting all of you and hopefully having a chance to interact with most of you in game! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, I am a (mostly) open book.
  5. MikeFalcon


    Hello I am Mike Falcon and im brand new to GTA RP. I came across Shiftrr_ and loved what he was doing and think it looks very enjoyable! I come from playing shooters and sports games mainly but really want to try this out !
  6. Howdy everyone my name is Alucard DeTepes, I hope to join the FIB, IAA, USMS or LSPD I'm happy to be here and hope to join you all soon!
  7. "After five years on the East Coast, it's time to go home..." -Carl Johnson -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ My parents named me after my twin brother. He was born first. My parents aren't the creative type. Me and him, we grew up in Liberty City trying to get into a career involving cars. Race cars, Police cars, RC cars, don't matter... just... cars. He would drive them into a tree, I would be the one buffing out the dents. We dreamed of flying out to Los Santos to enjoy the car culture out West; namely the various imports that've spent their lives in the warm climate, free of rust, which is a luxury where we are from. Eventually we graduated high school and saved enough money working at the shop to finally make the move. The moment we'd been working for basically our whole lives. This is it! -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ "After five minutes in Los Santos, My brother got shot..." -Terry Dacktyll II (That's me!) -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ Literally. Five minutes. A friend had picked us up from the airport. He was going to give us the grand tour; the landmarks, the big Vinewood sign... But we hadn't even made it onto the freeway when some fucker in a mask rolled up and shot at us. I can't remember much except the sound of it all. GRRATATATATA WOOSH WHIZ. The glass crackling onto the asphalt, the echo bouncing off the overpass... I hear it still today & My ears ring because of it. It didn't make sense. We didn't know who he was. He didn't want the car. He wasn't aiming at anyone in particular. Why the hell did this happen to happen? Just... an abundance of these fucking unanswered questions that poke at my sanity. But the question that bothers me the most is, "What do I want to do about it?"
  8. The fake firefighter of Los Santos and sort of Blaine county is not only an impersonator of the SAFD but an arsonist and plain criminal. Firefighter spent his days as a mechanic and high profile criminal while owning the company of Southend Mechanics. As the kind samaritan he is he gave away his business shares to the people who thought could run it better. These actions also show his real character late on in his journey. Firefighter than released the big money in cocaine and meth market. Firefighter gathered a bunch of his old time buddies and started pushing cocaine around the county and city. In an attempt to cover his shenanigans up, he made up the excuse of "fire fighting". This excuse ran solely on his outfit and helmet, and his fake stories of "saving a cat out of a tree by shooting it", firefighter was not only a down right criminal but also an arsonist. He would make attempts to pour gasoline on his enemies and set them ablaze, or lock his enemies in a car and through the car into a gas station. He would easily get away with this kind of stuff, including kidnappings played off by "teaching fire safety". Firefighter then started to get exposed for his fraudulent identify, where he started to go as a "business man" where he now works at dynasty 8. As well as getting recruited by the "Banditos"
  9. character's background/story. Samuel aka Sami had it all, had a wife, 2 kids friends and family who loved him. One night Sami and his family were going out for a family outing. They had a great time and built memories. On their way home the roads became slippery because of the rain, Sami slowed down to get a better visibility, he was able to continue and maintain him lane, he starts to come on a bend and as the apex of it he saw that someone was in his lane, unable to maneuver he was strucked head on by another driver, they flipped and rolled and landed on the roof. He looked at his family as they laid there unconscious. he panicked and tried to reach out to them only to find him self weak and then passed out. Next thing he knew he woke up in a hospital surround by his family and friends, he asked "what happened" they replied " you were in a bad car accident and have been in a coma for 2 months, they were about to pull the plug on you and you began to show some life" Not knowing how to respond, he immediate sat up and asked where his wife and kids were, everyone had a look of sorrow on their face and said "they did not located them after the crash and the search crew deemed it and KOS but unable to locate the bodies." Sami didn't know what to say, he had lost everything he had and loved the most, he was cleared from the hospital and offered a ride he had lost everything he had and loved the most, he was cleared from the hospital and offered a ride home by his friend, he he got home and couldn't get himself to go into the door, so he turned around and started to walk. A few days go by and Sami has yet to be home, at this moment he has not slept or ate food as he could not bare to do it cause all he could think about was his lost family.He roamed a few more days in the street when he passed a local mart and they had on the news that a family of 3 had just awoken from a 2 month coma and they need help to ID the people. Sami out of nowhere had a bust of life shoot through him, he now felt he had a purpose to live, he stared at the TV viewing his beautiful family, began to wonder how he was going to go see them.He turned and started to think, just as that happened a hooded person stepped in Sami's view, Sami gazed in shock as a familiar face to Sami approached and says " Sami we need to talk........."
  10. HOWDY! My name is Billy Truman. Born and raised in Sandy Shores. Blaine County has always been my home, and I plan on dying here! I'm a true full-blooded American-- hell-- I's was even born on the 4th of Jew-lie! I love kicking back with my buds, getting blackout drunk, shooting guns, hunting, and blondes! I ain't too much on the city or the city folk, but mama always told me to love everyone-- until they give me a reason not to love 'em! That's really bout it. I keep out of trouble for the most part. I'm a hard worker and I party even harder! Oh, and don't touch the mullet. I know it's pretty and all, but if you lay a finger on it, you'll be meeting liberty.... and justice, if you know what I'm sayin'! -Billy Truman
  11. Michael Montana comes from a long bloodline of Mafia bosses, he was born in 1993. while there was a Mafia war going on between Valentine Montana (Michael's mom) and Giovanni Montana (Michael's father) because Valentine was in a relationship with the biggest African American kingpin of Southside, Calvin Jackson. They had a baby (Michael), and Giovanni didn't like that at all, gang war was lasting for 26 years until Giovanni accidentally killed Valentine because she jumped in front of the bullets to save Calvin, Calvin immediately killed Giovanni and ran back to Southside where he flew out Michael to a safer city called Los Santos. Michael knows what happened but he still did illegal things just as his family did, until he met an amazing red bearded cop who made him feel for others and he became a fisherman. It's a struggle job for him but at least he feels safe.
  12. Born and raised in Los Santos, reside in Koreatown. I know everyone, this is my town. Need anything anywhere? I got a guy for that. I'm honest, but dangerous if messed with. I'm a fisherman and spend most of my time out at sea with other seamen. I'd like to own my own fish store oneday in the ritzy part of town. Peace, love, and guns.
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