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  1. THE BASICS- How do I become a member? You can apply to become a member of the ADRP community on the Forums. www.americandreamrp.com What is Metagaming? Metagaming is an "out of character" action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of (Using OOC sources) How do I get a job? You can apply for a number of different jobs here! (Note: You DO NOT have to be white-listed to apply, you can gain member tags through joining PD/FD. Apply here- https://americandreamrp.com/index.php?/application/ (NOTE: We have a number of other jobs not listed, you can contact business owners in game and apply for other jobs too!) What is FailRP? In short. Is your character performing an action that would be impossible IRL, or is unrealistic or excessive. Where do I get a Job? The "i" on your map- This is the job center! How do I do my Job? Look for the Icons that correspond to your job on the map. My cars been destroyed and I cant get it back? Once your car has been destroyed, you will not be able to get the car back until a server restart happens. Drive carefully and lock your vehicles. Please be aware that admins cannot get you your car back. Where do I get a gun license? You can obtain your weapon licences at the ammu-nation stores marked on the map. My guns have disappeared when I loaded in? One Sync (FiveM) is in beta, unfortunately things go wrong sometimes. If you had your weapons before and they have disappeared when loading in, you can exit the server, upon re-joining, wait 30/40 seconds and this may resolve your issue. If the problem persists, contact an administrator! What is the speed limits? In the city, it is 45 mph, highways, it is 75 mph How long do Member apps take? Our team aims to reply to member apps very swiftly, the process usually takes just under 24 hours, if one of our staff members is on leave and the applications backlog, this can sometimes lengthen times to upto 72 hours, this is not a regular occurrence. KEYBINDS- F6 = Opens your phone K = Opens your Interaction Menu F3 = Opens your player Menu /report /die = Character Suicide T = Open up chat window B = Pointing (Hold) X= Hands up ' (Next to #) = Increase voice range (For American Keyboards, it's your Tilde Key) (For EU Keyboards, it's your K key) What jobs do we have? (Some of the following jobs are whitelisted jobs!- Not all jobs included on this list.) Chicken Factory Gas Tanker Miner Taxi Driver Fishermen Mechanic Car Dealer News Reporter Lawyer Lumberjack Federal Agencies (FIB/IAA/US Marshal Service) EMS/FD Police/Sheriff/Highway Patrol U.S Coastguard Department of Justice (court clerks, judges etc) EMOTES - Salute: /e salute : Salute your commrads! -- Bird 1: /e finger : One hand middle Finger -- Bird 2: /e finger2 : 2 hands middle finger -- Surrender: /e surrender : Kneeldown hands behind head surrender -- Facepalm: /e palm : Facepalm -- Notes: /e notes : Write down notes on paper -- Brief: /e brief : Equip a tactical brief case -- Brief2: /e brief2 : Equip a leather brief case -- Foldarms: /e foldarms : Cross your arms -- Foldarms2: /e foldarms2 : Cross arms v2 -- Damn: /e damn : Throw your arms in disbelief -- Fail: /e fail : Become visibly dissapointed -- Gang1: /e gang1 : Gang sign 1 -- Gang2: /e gang2 : Gang sign 2 -- No: /e no : Shake your head no -- Pickbutt: /e pickbutt : Pick your butt -- Grab Crotch: /e grabcrotch : Grab your crotch -- Peace: /e peace : Hold peace sign -- Cigar: /e cigar : Place cigar in your mouth -- Cigar2: /e cigar2 : Place a burnt cigar in your mouth -- Joint: /e joint : Place a joint in your mouth -- Cig: /e cig : Place a cig in your mouth -- Holdcigar: /e holdcigar : Hold a cigar in your hand - - Holdcig: /e holdcig : Hold a cig in your hand -- Holdjoint: /e holdjoint : Hold a joint in your hand -- Dead: /e dead : Play dead -- Holster: /e holster : Hand hovers over holster -- Aim: /e aim : Aim a pistol at the floor -- Aim2: /e aim2 : Aim a pistol up to your shoulder -- /e slowclap : Slowly clap your hands -- /e box : Pull out a box and walk around with CAR CHIPS: What are they? Car chips are a way to reward our supporters with the ability to earn chips that have monetary value to them which can be redeemed and used to purchase any vehicle in the city. Each chip set has a different monetary value, for example. - Bronze Chips - Bronze chips have a monetary value of $100,000. - Silver Chips - Silver chips have a monetary value of $1,000,000 - Gold Chips - Gold chips have a monetary value of $2,000,000. How do I redeem them? To redeem you chips you need to only speak to a Car Dealer boss or an member of the moderation/administration team. They will then subtract the redeemed chips from your profile and will help with the purchase of your vehicle in the city. What if I buy a car for $800,000 and have $200,000 left over? f you choose to redeem any of your Car Chips you will be advised of the following. Once you use the chip, you will not get back any extra cash you had left over after your purchase of a vehicle For example: You choose to redeem your Gold Car Chip but only spend $1.5M instead of the full $2M. You will then not receive the remaining $500,000 back in Bronze Chips for a later date. You can however choose to use the remaining $500,000 on anything else should you wish. When do I get my chip? All chips are delivered to your account on the 1st of each month. 15 November 2018
  2. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS I have no microphone. Can I still join the server and RP? No, you cannot. The server rules state that you MUST have a working microphone in order to role-play on the server. How do I become a member/get whitelisted? You can apply to become a member of the ADRP community in the Discord and on the server by applying here: https://americandreamrp.com/index.php?/application/form/1-whitelist-application/ It is recommended that you have spent some time reading through the rules and be familiar with how to role-play. After submitting the application, please allow for 24-72h for processing. How can I become a police officer and/or a paramedic? Both these jobs are considered "Whitelisted Jobs". You may apply for them via the website. After submitting the application/s, please allow for 24-72h for processing. SADPS Application: https://americandreamrp.com/index.php?/application/form/2-police-department-application/ SAFD Application: https://americandreamrp.com/index.php?/application/form/3-san-andreas-fire-department-application/ Where do I get a job? The job centre, the 'I' on the map near the mechanic shop on Alta St. How do I do my job? Here's a job guide that is constantly being updated that you can refer to: I crashed/lost my car/had my car destroyed and it isn't in my garage, how do I get it back? Go to the impound. There is more than one, use the menu right of you map to find it. You have to pay $3000 when requested to in order to get it back HELP! Each time I hit play on the character selection screen, I am stuck with an infinite loading circle. Make sure the date is keyed in correctly: MM/DD/YYYY How do I get a gun? Go to the Ammu-Nation store marked on your map. Enter it and buy a gun license. It will then unlock a list from you to select from. However, there are other ways... What are the speed limits? Anywhere within the city, it is 45mph, 55mph in the counties and 75mph on the highways. What's the use of being whitelisted on the server? It makes you eligible to join a gang and certain whitelisted jobs. When the server is whitelisted for a short period of time after a server crash/restart, and/or during periods of extremely high traffic/demand, you will then still be able to join. What are the jobs available on the server? Public Jobs (Anyone can use): Fisherman Hunter Lumberjack Miner Meat Processor Tanker Taxi Driver Fashion Designer Ocean Salvage Whitelisted Jobs: SADPS (police) SAFD(ems/fire) SecuroServ Car Dealer PaX Air Lawyers/Judges (Bar-License Certification required through a test) Mechanics (O' Connor's Towing) Reporter/News Agency (eg. Weasel News) USCG What are some important keybinds I should know? F6 brings up your phone K brings up your interaction menu F3 brings up the list of players on the server and shows ID's above heads of players nearby U locks/unlocks your personal vehicle G while beside a vehicle gives you access to the trunk of the vehicle T opens up chat windows /report in the chat opens up a report window to contact an administrator/moderator F5 puts on/takes off your character's mask B makes your character start/stop pointing /die makes your character die instantly X puts your character's hands up ` Changes your voice range. (For American Keyboards, it's the Tilde Key) How can I check the rent of each and every property available for rent? Here are the prices on the spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10PkvOjXifsrAsHhwW_e1QQfcRXG2WQ9woiAAzllgH_g/edit?usp=sharing I bought a gun recently but after I re-logged, it is gone!? Re-log again, but this time, sit at the character selection screen for at least 30 seconds before pressing play. What's the best public job available? Fisherman. On a full run, it can net you 25 grand. Be sure to keep it in your bank as soon as possible or you might get robbed! Can I fly a helicopter/plane anywhere/anytime I want? No, you cannot. You must be FAA certified by paying for the lessons provided by PaX that cost $100,000 for scheduled lessons and $150,000 for unscheduled ones. If you're already certified, make sure you're in the voice channel "ATC" whilst you are flying or you WILL get shot down Do I have to re-log to change my character? Yes. My textures are not loading, what do I do? Go under GTA Settings and set your "Textures" to "Normal" How do I clear my cache if I am told/need to? Find you FiveM folder, open the" FiveM Application Data" folder and remove the "cache" folder and the file "cache.xml" Can I watch an ADRP stream while RP'ing? No. Not if you're on the server. What happens if I cannot join? It gives me a "Connection failed after 3 attempts" and I've tried many times. Restart your computer I have a Character API error while trying to load into my character Keep trying, it should work after a few tries Help! I lost my guns after I logged in You are loading into too quickly. Relog, but this time, wait at the character loading screen for at least 30 seconds before hitting ply on your character. THIS TOPIC WILL BE UPDATED CONSTANTLY PLEASE CHECK #rules IN DISCORD FOR THE RULES OF THE SERVER
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