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  1. Orin was pissed that his son had robbed him! He was livid at loosing his home and everything he held dear. He had gone to the police to report the theft, only to be told that there was nothing that they could do, due to his son being on his accounts and having Power of Attorney. He had a pounding headache and knew that it was due to his high blood pressure. Which only got worse after talking with stupid people at Social Security and Health and Human Services. As he stood on the sidewalk he spotted a bar and he suddenly grew thirsty. He hadn't had a drink in over twenty years and come hell or high water he was going to have one now! That was a mistake of course. He should have stopped after the third. He didn't like the taste of beer and thought he could handle a couple of screwdrivers. He awoke to find himself in an airport terminal. He didn't recognize it and knew he wasn't in Colorado Springs. He sat up on the bench and felt something hard in his pocket. Pulling it out he saw a cell phone. He frowned, he didn't own one. HE had no clue how he ended up with it. And no idea how to work the damn thing in any event to try to find out who it did belong to. He shoved it back into his pocket and felt something else and pulled it out. A wad of paper, HE spent a moment unfurling it and noticed it was a couple of pieces. The first was a receipt for a cell phone. "Okay, so the damn thing is mine!" he said as he shook his head. The second was a ticket stub. He looked at it and spit as he said, " The Fuck?! Los Santos?! Ah hell no!" He stood on wobbly legs and slowly walked out of the airport. He was 74 years old. He had no idea how he was going to survive. He hadn't worked in 15 years. He was someplace new and that frightened him as much as where he was. "Hmm, I think I need drink!"
  2. Following the death of her dear friend, Makall Winters, Sage Beatrix made her way to San Andreas - following in the steps of her twin sister, Bianca Beatrix, who had came to the state only months prior and is currently a Cpl. with LSPD. Back Story Sage Dibella Beatrix was born November 13th, 1997, ten minutes after her twin sister, Bianca Azura Beatrix (yes their parents were Elder Scrolls nerds). Born mixed race (african american mother and polish father). Growing up, Bianca was always one to follow the rules and stay out of trouble. Both girls exhibiting leadership skills and great potential from a young age, but it was Sage's luck with getting caught up in the wrong crowds at a young age that helped define her for the better as who she is now, surprisingly enough. Sage, at the age of 14, got caught up with a small time gang of misfits who occasionally robbed video stores and sold the videos for cheap. It was at 16 though that her prowess for obtaining information earned her a spot in an underground gang in Las Vegas not known well to authorities but in the underworld of Vegas, they were movers of drugs and weapons. She would stay with them for two years before she was forced to choose college and a career or a life of crime that could set her up in the criminal underworld... journalism & truth called her. Sage managed to break away and soon go to college for Journalism and Creative Writing, receiving her Bachelor's Degree only months before coming to San Andreas. Her life in journalism before starting over in San Andreas had earned her several notable awards, of which she felt meant nothing in a new place where one had to restart and make a name for themselves. Sage Beatrix had previously served as the youngest ever Feature Editor for the Las Vegas Review Journal - a title she would hold for two years after being only 19 when she received it. During her time as Feature Editor she visited war zones in the Middle East twice to report. So coming to San Andreas, its own miniature war zone, where violence and gang activity has been brewing for months prior to her arrival, proved not as difficult as some claimed. She found her footing well and currently serves as the Executive Editor and Owner of both Weazel News and the San Andreas Times, the paper she single handedly started and now serves as the main news source for public information on happenings in the state of San Andreas. 2020 proved to be her year, at least thus far, with soon her business ventures coming full circle. Sage is striving to build a media team to help bring together the state and its ever diverse population. Serving now as Weazel News' owner and Executive Editor, Sage hopes to bring a sense of humor, truth, and light to the city - all while continuing to write her own story as she still finds her footing in an unkind world. Most important to her are family and friends, her blue eyes ever so eagerly watching as she hopes to build her Empire. Her firey red hair? A fashion statement. Her knack for a good story? Priceless. Pictures linked are Emilia Clarke, Sage's Face Claim
  3. Tony Accardi is the real name of Tommy Theone, born and raised in Torino Italy, son of Thomas Accardi one of the five most powerful men in Italy, the head of the Italian mafia in Torino. At the age of 15 both of his parents was murdered by the Italian mafia in front of his eyes, he managed to get out of Torino alive with his dads secret files. After 3 years Tony was able to join the Italian Special Forces in order to serve his country, He served his country for 2 years then the Italian undercover police recruited him in order to get inside the Italian mafia and to have an Intel about this organization. At the age of 24 he met his wife Monica Alva at Nürburgring race track during an organized race in Germany, She was driving a red Mazda RX-7 and he didn’t even try to overtake her all along the race. After, one year of marriage things goes wrong the Mafia discovered that he is the son of Thomas Accardi and they managed to murder his wife. At this moment he was able to have a list of all the names involved with the murder of his parents and his wife. In one month Tony was able to go after all the names in the list even the bad cops and he became the most wanted man for the Italian law and the mafia. For the next 2 years Tony was living in Germany he spends all of his time blaming himself. He was driving his car every day asking for his death on the road until one day when he was looking into his father secret files he discovered that he has a sister living in the US. At the age of 27 he managed to get a new ID and escaped to the US to start his new life at Los Santos with his new name Tommy Theone. Tommy starts his new life slowly at Los Santos he spent his first months working as a Tanker and he was able to have a good idea about the city without being spotted allot in the city using Tony undercover skills in order to make sure that he knows what is going on in LS. After a while Tommy starts to have some friends and he start his own collection of the Japanese cars. Tommy is always helpful to the new coming and he tries his best to teach them how to make money from legal Jobs. Tommy makes sure from time to time to check on fishermen and fashion designers and escort them when they are done from their jobs. After his best friend Tyrone, one of the best car dealers in LS, left the city for a while he joined the car dealership in order to help others getting their dream cars. One day when he was doing his job a young lady come down to the dealership and ask him to test drive a car when she gave him her ID he discovered that she is the one that he was looking for “his sister“ that was one of the best moments since he lost his family back in Italy. Away from anything gang related and crime related Tommy tries his best to bring more fun and peace to the city. Between Tommy the good guy that everybody loves and Tony it’s hard for him to deal with some situations. Whatever wrong happened to Tommy and his friends Tony is the one who deals with it and he makes sure that nobody knows.
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