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Mason Drake
  • Pending

-Add a marker to casino,I was here for so long and just now I realize it is a casino LOL And maybe more games to casino.

-Add a car second hand marker to the map where players can sell the cars (someone told me around docks I have no idea what is that,specially new players have no idea where to look for cars since car delear its closed half of the day)  -More food to the market we only have bread and some Somon

-More jobs and please don't make them so complicated like WTF is this, so you go fishing but wait u need a boat ok, a license,netting,after wait you need to get wood somehow to cook the fish because that what you do in real life you don't sell the fish raw you have to cook it on the sea ...and after all of that you get 1k,there is no way in the world a new player can do that job the job center should be easy jobs not complicated like in the past fishing was great i don't know who developed the rest of the jobs, but they are kinda horrible, the only 2 good ones its post mail and meat process and mining but again a new guy won't be able to do it easy, so please take a look intro the jobs it's been 3 years and there are the same jobs it kinda went worst because 2 years ago the jobs were working fine trash pickup etc


  That should be it for now the job suggestion it might take time but as I mentioned it been 2 years and a half and nothing changed that can help in any way the new players, so the markers should be added at least asap that its nothing too hard to do and it helps, thanks !


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