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Robbing People

Mikey Bones
  • Pending

ADG needs a new feature where players can rob other players. The fact that you have to manually go through your inventory and hand over whatever the robber is taking is dumb. There should be a command like "/steal" or "/rob" and have a little timer or bar that fills up and while it's filling up, an animation is taking place while the whole thing is going down. It would give you the ability to be able to take whatever you want in the person's inventory and all the money that's currently on them in their pockets. I don't know why gangs are the only people that have the ability to rob other people. People rob other a lot of other people in real life and don't need to be in a gang to do it. I feel like the big problem on why it's not in the server is because people are gonna abuse it and it will cause a lot of problems. To fix that, it should be made perfectly clear that if people abuse this feature that they would be banned. This ability will give people more of a chance in crime, RP, interaction, and opportunities. People could now start sticking up other people if they feel the need to or want to. If somebody does use this feature not in the right sense then the victim should just /report the incident and explain the situation to an admin and if the robber is in the wrong they should either get a warning or banned. This would also help the case of killing somebody. When somebody kills another person in the right reason to all that happens is that they get their message sent to the person who died and just a lost of bullets or health depending on how the guy was killed. I might've not explained the best way to add this feature in the game but I bet a lot of other people could explain it a lot better and I also bet that a lot of players would be happier if this was added instead of the gang members only being able to have the ability.

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There is already a system for it and to prevent it from being abused its locked to people in gangs.

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