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Robbing Houses

Mikey Bones
  • Pending

There should be a feature where you are able to rob local's houses. We already got the lock picks in the game and to when you use the lock pick it will take a certain amount of time to get into the house or a little mini game to get into the house. The loot that should be in the house could be clean/dirty money, guns, drugs, USB sticks, etc. The more valuable the loot the lower the chance of you finding it. Cops would have a new 911 call to attend to and this feature would add more things to do as criminal and another thing for cops to attend to. The cops could get some sort of command to breach into these houses and maybe there could be a system where you have to actually be quiet without alerting the police. A lot of other servers have this feature and it just feels like this one's missing out.

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