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Mechanic Add-On

Job Guide
  • Pending

Bringing this back up, because it got buried with no Yes/No.

Chubbs even stated the thought mechanics already had Pedestrian side jobs to do between inner-acting with civilians.

If we could possibly get what the taxi-co has.

We get a call to impound a local vehicle in a parking lot etc. where some money goes to the shop and some to the employee, Taxi's and Mechanics make the same hourly but Taxis make more with side jobs.

During the late hours with less people this keeps mechanics busy as well.


Suggestion to change repair kits from full repair to 1/2 repairs, basically when using a repair kit it gets the car going again but not fully repair'd they still need to see a mechanic, there is almost always a mechanic on duty.
This also helps keep mechanics jobs more busy.

With that the temp. repair kits i'll call them now could be 500-1000, basically its good enough to get them to where they need to be but also to a mechanic shop.


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