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Commercial Truck Driving

  • Rejected

A new non white-listed job that allows players to spawn either a tractor trailer or mule in order to make run across the map. It would work similar to the garbage truck job but more spread across the the state of San Andreas. Not sure if it’s possible to implement being able to drop a trailer off at one location and pick a new one up somewhere else, would be very extravagant extra to the job and make it more realistic.

Currently the Highway Patrol is bringing back its D.O.T program which would be rendered useless unless a job like such were to be implemented. I rarely see people driving big rigs around unless it is one of the nicely spawned in Peterbilts. It would also make purchasing the CDL license from the DMV actually mean something rather than just having it for nothing. 

Lastly this is more or less just an extra that would be interesting to have. Weigh stations where trucks would have to pull into during their runs and provide paper work and licensing. The other outcome would be facing penalties for skipping the station or not having the proper documents for your job. 

I can go a lot more in depth with this if it’s accepted/pending and would love to hear feedback / other people’s opinions. 

Discord - Trappah#8544

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We have delivery missions planned in the future, but it's not in our current focus. For the weigh stations, I doubt we're going to do such stuff, it simply doesn't fit in our vision.

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