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Cap taxis and make other jobs viable

  • Rejected

There's way too many taxi drivers. It's way better to wait for an interview and just do taxi instead of starting at the other jobs. 

One solution would be to put a cap on how many taxi drivers can be clocked in. Because too many taxi driver's clocked in would cost the Taxi Company too much money in labor if you think about it RP wise. 

What's the point of paying 30 online taxi drivers when all you need is under 15 to service the city and its outskirts?


Another solution would be to make other starter jobs viable. When I started meat processing, I'd be too scared to work because there's no one to guard the trucks from robbers. And sometimes when you're driving all the way down to the city, you might end up crashing or something happens that causes you to clock out. Then on re-log, you gotta drive back to the desert to clock in, drive back to the city, drive back to the processing plant, and repeat. It's also not a good starter job because you have to put a deposit on the truck, and in some cases you end up losing your deposit to random accidents. With taxi, there's no startup costs or anything docked from your paycheck.  

It would also be cool if some old jobs come back, or if there's new jobs that are introduced. So it provides variety to the server.

Currently it's like half the server are taxi drivers, and then the 10+ cops online are issuing them speeding tickets. 

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