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Buff Fishing!

Canadian Eh
  • Under Review

Fishing has a start-up cost of almost $13,000, while only making about $100 a fish. The amount of work you have to put in to collect the fish, gather wood, cook and sell is absurd compared to the amount of reward you receive. Selling chicken is more profitable in its current state, and much easier. I suggest raising the price of fish to about 250-300, and even then it's pretty mediocre. If that's too high, maybe around the $200 mark would be appropriate. There should also be a guide, as it spent me 4 hours trying to figure out how to catch and sell, since there is literally no tutorial or guideline to follow.  😀

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I agree, a tutorial needs to be made. the economy was balanced with a bunch of work that went into timing and testing all jobs.

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