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Alternate F3 List With Only Numbers

  • Pending

Getting peoples Numbers above their head can be very difficult when it contains the list displaying over the actual game itself. So if a possible function to where the numbers display over the players head and a list does not pop up could be implemented it would make it a lot easier to get someones number and submit a report. An example would be if someone VDMs your friend on a motorcycle and they don't stop to RP it out so you attempt to catch up in order to RP or just get their number in order to submit a report. It is very difficult to see when you have the list covering the majority of your vision especially when driving. I play on 1080p which I believe is the majority of what people play on. A possible placement for this function could be F4 so that only the numbers appear above someones head making it easier to see what is going on in the situation and lower the possibility of using names for meta. Attached is just an example as to how big the list and how it can impact ones vision throughout a situation.

f3 list example.PNG

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