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New Update

Released 07/31/2019

Key Changes

The phone has recieved a lot of new changes, so a seperate list for phone changes seems like a good idea. Wiping was required as we have changed all phone numbers, and migrating existing contacts etc is a bad idea since we don't know on what character every player wants the current data. Also worth mentioning the original code for this phone isn't developed by us, it's an open source project named gcphone, not every point mentioned under is not by our development team**.

  • Entire new phone number format. Old phone number had different lengths but were normally #########. The new phone numbers look like this: ###-#### (yes the - character is a part of a phone number), this is to make it easier to share numbers, and we dont need really long numbers.
  • All your characters now have different phone numbers, and have seperate contact lists.
  • Mouse control ability in the phone
  • You are now able to call and send messages from the Contacts, previously you were only able to edit contacts from that app.
  • Added ablity to call people with a hidden number. In the dialer if you start a phone number with the # character you will call as a unknown caller id.
  • Pressing backspace in the Phone app whilst having a context menu will no longer back you to the main menu
  • Fixed some locales that were not in English, and you can now choose another language rather than English in the Settings app if you want to
  • Changed Favorites colors, and some renamed. Context menus also are now prettier with nice symbols. Also added mechanic & hospital dialing.
  • New Twitter app that have replaced /tweet and /anon. In the app you can like, reply and mention other players. You create a fake twitter account (it's not a real twitter account) that you then can log into. You can choose avatar and then go ahead and spam some tweets. There's notification settings where you can select what kind of notifications you'd like to recieve.
  • Added sending ingame photos ingame, you can send images by pressing the RIGHT ARROW whilst in the Message app (and select a contact). This function is partially broken, if your sent images are black then it's due to you've recently changed resolution. Try changing back resolution or restart the game. For me it works perfectly with borderless (native resolution) even when I tab in and out, but it may vary. You can also send valid image URLs and if selected they can be enlarged.
  • Replaced hotline bling ringtone with default iOS one, it got old..

Okay, you still with me? Here's the rest of todays changes:

  • Drug prompts have been improved
  • Moved secret drug locations
  • Changed drug payment
  • Improved exception handlers & error messages if problems occur when choosing character.
  • Selling drugs to pedestrians no longer deletes them
  • Added pushing vehicles (unsure if they will stay)
  • Added back speed cameras 📷.. JK!
  • Improved pause menu title, including your current server id incase you need to cheat

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