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Change Log

In Development

Key Changes


  •     Dogs not able to detect all drugs
  •     All police should now get notified of robberies
  •     Notifications for robberies
  •     Optimized a ton of scripts for performance
  •     work vehicle spawner fixed
  •     /keybinds command
  •     Mechanics not able to adjust profit percentages


  •     Repair kits have been improved along with progress and animation
  •     Weapon Damage
  •     Weapon Range of multiple weapons.
  •     Short range guns hold more power, long range or high fire rate hold less power
  •     Global store and bank robberies
  •     Added flee notifications for robberies
  •     Alert on banks happen soon as the alarm is triggered
  •     Reduced the length of the driving test


  •     Liveries now available in customs
  •     Added headlight colors shown in menu
  •     When reloading if you have a clip it will auto use the item
  •     Option to see your business funds
  •     Choose spawn menu when you die
  •     Clothing for taxi job
  •     EUP Clothes thanks to our new eup dev (Johnson)

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