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Change Log

Released 10/17/2020

Key Changes


  • bank truck robberies issue of not spawning
  • coke missions issue of truck not spawning
  • being able to steer your car while in air
  • repair kits to only repair enough to get your car to a mechanic
  • revive notification when using defib
  • removed 2nd tow truck in mechanic shop
  • changed max bet in casino to 250k
  • Vehicle Textures 
  • Assets Textures 



  • Pay for hunting was raised
  • Pay for robberies was raised
  • Pay for lumberjack was raised
  • Blackmarket location was changed



  • notifications for inventory
  • Spawn system, when you die and force respawn you will be able to select to spawn
  • Customs shops
  • Custom RGB painting for vehicles
  • Colored headlights in new customs is now available
  • Lumberjack activity (all you need is a hatchet)
  • K9 menu for cops (NPC dog that can sniff for drugs / attack)
  • EUP menu for cops to access their outfits when clocking on.
  • lockpick process
  • Robbery system (no more waiting, must crack safes)
  • Bank robberies (need a access card that you get from bank truck)
  • Scoreboard
  • Trailers to haul your own vehicles
  • Queue based on Discord
  • Taxi meter when you are a taxi driver
  • Handcuff keys available in black market


Please continue to use the bug reports and suggestions!


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