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  1. Sadly banned from the discord for “trolling” rip Cosby till it’s spelled backwards
  2. Discord :Callsign Squirt#0051. Has some of the best rp while robbing banks. A very funny person who always changes it up. This dude is going places that others couldn’t achieve
  3. very very good person to give it to, deserves it the most
  4. This is a Petition to get coach aka Newton to come back and sing Barbie Girl by Aqua in Legion Square. The first time this happened everyone loved it. Now its time for round 2, so come on everyone and help me convince him to do it again !
  5. Camron Cosby


    Would it be possible for civilians who aren’t in gangs to get a /carry to bring there friends to the hospital when no EMS nor medically trained officers are on. It’s a big advantage that gangs have it but would help everyone else if everyone had access to bring there downed friend to a hospital.
  6. this is very good. his cop is funny as hell and on his crim he makes the best rp scenes for us cops. We got in a 2 hour shootout and he was doing nothing but joking around and being amazing, He deserves this more than anyone.
  7. Yeah he is the most robo cop ever. Always tries to get his way on everything. For sure doesn't deserve it
  8. Yeah very good dude. Always ic and never breaks it. Has one of the best attitudes I’ve ever seen. Always positive and willing to help
  9. Can it be possible to where when you're hurt and downed while there are no medics on that when you call for distress with G it goes to the police? Because there's no way to get up when your all alone really without meta - gaming. This needs to be done especially since you don't gain health anymore
  10. i love steve the stoner. He has some of the best RP i have seen. Yes he can be an asshole but thats his character. and who cares if he goes into admin waiting a lot, he hates when people break.
  11. Camron Cosby


    Can it be possible to when we take our shirts off with the new menu we keep our bags on and it's a separate thing? I hate having to keep my shirt on just to have a bag. A lot of people would love this
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