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  1. Butters scotches first of all meta games because he got my tags taken away for criminal activity whilst clocked in. I was killed by him for no reason and I have witnesses but u need to give me time to find the person in game because I don't know there name.He got my tags taken away when he wasn't on a cab co manager account. He was on his character that works at nlt called sid. He also rdm'd me by punching me randomly and tasing me and at one point he stabbed me to death and he was later killed by someone at leigon. He also stole my taxi when I came to pick someone up at leigon and rammed into me. I am pretty sure that you cannot steal vehichles whilst clocked in and he was clocked in. @Pax if any more questions or details needed let me know here I was assuming it had something to do with his gold subscription. Just a assumption as the logs apparently don't match up
  2. DM me please. I cannot message u because ur account is private. Steve Byers #9231 it's a long story so plz DM when available and thank you because u are first admin that actually cares to atleast have a conversation and respond
  3. Because @Pax butters scotch is the one that killed me. However I also have a problem with Jones that banned me without listening and ignored me. I told him what happened and I get banned. I made the report to admins about this incident because I was really annoyed and I join back to call 30 mins later and hear that I have been banned for meta gaming. Mathis said it was because I said I was on my bob Marley account but it clearly states above that I was on my Steve Byers account
  4. In-game Character Name Steve Byers Name of the player(s) you're reporting Butters scotch I have attempted to resolve this issue Yes Date of the incident 06/08/2020 Time of incident 9:30am Please provide details and explain what happened in this incident I'll first tell mines. U told me to fight a guy that was on his bike wearing white tank top. I refused and u tased me and him without cause. I died from that tase and u started stabbing my dead body and the guy wearing white killed u with a gun because u tased us. U came back from hospital and thought it would be a good idea to kill me. U killed me again and I didn't really care cuz a medic was in the city and close by. I went away to nlt to grab a spare taxi from brad roddis then I came to leigon to pick up someone and I saw a police there and I reported it because u where annoying me but the cop didn't listen and u paid him for some reason (bank if was 720 or 72(of the cop)) and then I walked up to other person at leigon and u and Jacob started punching me saying I punched u.And I ranU drove off with my taxi and I asked brad and rob Lee who was that. They said they didn't know. 5mins later I got rammed by u and u were in taxi and then I got picked up. U came next to me yet again and stabbed me and told the medic Frankie that u will kill me as soon as he picks me up. Then I punched u a few times and ran away in my taxi and u tased me so I drove off and combat logged.(I know that was frp but I knew I was 100% going to report it anyways )Someone else was there and tried tasing me but didn't see who. (My explanation Steve Byers) Add your evidence 3 witnesses and names of two of them and appearance of second that I see often in leigon I have read the terms Yes
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