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  1. Every time I have encountered Steve although he is a dick he has had great rp I haven't once seen him break character he sticks to his character and he is still a fun time to role play with and is overall a great role player I enjoy encountering him as I know he will either give me a new idea of something to do or he is going to provide a funny ass situation for me and others to enjoy.
  2. YFEF

    Body cams

    I would like to address body cams the scenarios that you go through with your body cams such as you have to pull out your phone and that is the only acceptable way is ridiculous I was just informed that you cant have a actual body can like the cops do and that you cant have a go pro sort of mount on your helmet or any other way of using body cam which is unrealistic because people use other stuff to record all the time I just want to be able to use something different then having to use a phone because as the world becomes more modern you will have far more options to both pick up audio as well as video there are glasses that are coming out that let you record it would be worth a chance if they add a actual go pro to the pawn shop that you can say is your body cam because if you can only use your phone that limits you in so many ways
  3. I think that we should be able to use our personal vehicles on the job except that we implement some sort of system were we can bolt a taxi cab sign on the top of our cars and that way we can also track who is on the job and that way we can prevent any gang violence from our cars being yellow.
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