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  1. Welcome great story I cant wait to meet you in the city!
  2. Welcome to the city! I love the back story and I look forward to meeting you in the city!
  3. Heck yeah he always brings great RP to every situation! He also comes up with 5 star robbery plans and RP. I am glad to have had the chance to learn and enjoy RPing on the daily with Wild!
  4. sleeping-_-


    Welcome to the community!
  5. I agree Rush never misses a beat he has some of the best RP I have been apart of!
  6. Welcome I cant wait to meet you in the city!
  7. Gosh where have you been my whole life i guess i will have to find out IC!!
  8. Welcome to the city hope to meet you soon!
  9. Welcome to the city glad to have you!
  10. Thanks for the follow! 

  11. Welcome back @KyleKrez!
  12. Thank you Brandon I appreciate that always a great time!
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