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  1. all im going to say is facts ^^^^
  2. so your saying that if your friends think you have good rp you should get NRP. thats not how it works its what the staff and ADG community think about your rp not just what your mates think other wise everyone would have it
  3. you just proved my point thankyou
  4. let me quess the only reason you are making this is cus you are friends with him and you want him to get NRP to start a gang or make his gang official
  5. personally i do not believes he deserves NRP at all everytime i met him on cop he would be really unrealistic he would ram me at 100mph or he would respond to a drug call on his own and get shot up then come back. and sometimes even brake character. on his crim all he cares about is money and wont actually give any rp to any situation. on both characters if the situation didn't go his way he would just complain to staff.
  6. Astro12345

    Discord Unban

    I got IP banned from the discord but i dont see anywhere that i can make an discord unban request there is a server one but not discord could someone please help me out
  7. Bro that is sick never seen anyone do that before
  8. yer ive been wanting to start up a business as well if the city but I don't know what if I could also have some ideas that would be appreciated and I want the business to be something that the people on the server want and are interested in so its good for rp and to have fun thx
  9. man night club would be cool

    1. Evilcrusade


      we'll me and a friend on the server are going into bushiness together he wanted to open a casino and i wanted to open a night club thinking of combing the two we'll make a proposal soon or maybe a commercial lol. haven't even been on the server for a week so i cant get white listed yet.


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