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  1. Heck yeah man! Welcome to ADG. We hope you enjoy your time here!
  2. Mitchell-138


    Welcome to the city! We all hope you enjoy your stay here. If you or any of your friends have any questions please feel free to message any of the staff team!
  3. welcome to the city Mr. Sandman! Hope to see you around!
  4. Welcome to the city! We hope you enjoy you're stay!! If you ever have any questions feel free to to reach out to any of us. We're all here to help!!
  5. Tyreall has to be one of the best crims to chase in 10-80s. This man is hilarious with his RP. He deserves NRP!!!!
  6. I've ran into this guy multiple times, and always had a good time doing RP scenarios. He rarely ever breaks character, and always puts on a good show with RP. I rate him highly as an RP player
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