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  1. Just had a suggestion on putting one of the bike rental location at the prison parking lot just so you dont have to walk miles to the nearest garage or where ever your going to get a vehicle.
  2. have a vehicle suggestion and dont know where to put it but here but i see all the dodge and ford trucks so wanted to suggest and gmc truck and i know alot of people ive talked to said they would love to see this truck brought in so here it is
  3. KrazyMF


    I think something along the lines of adding like the Armored Trucks into the server would be a pretty neat thing for robberies. ive seen on a lot of servers where people can steal the armored truck take it to whatever location they want and then start cracking the back doors for the money and then the cops just get alerted to the location the truck is at. Also seen where Ai cops like 2 come out of the back of the truck after the doors open and you have to kill them first before you can start your part in collecting the money. would just like to see more stuff along these lines cause it would be a pretty cool feature and get people away from just doing the same robberies everyday and getting everything down packed to where it is literally the same routine they are using on the cops every time and getting away rather it be the RP they use or the route they run after leaving the banks or stores. Thanks.
  4. just wanted to throw this suggestion out there that i thought of tonight while at the used car dealership but it would be awesome if there was a way to possibly bid on cars for sale in the used car dealership or maybe make a new spot for auctioning cars if you wanted your car to sell for more of a best offer type thing. But like the used car dealership thing if someone has a car in there for say 100k you could offer them like 75k and they could accept the offer or deny and if you get a text or something saying your offer was accepted you go back type your name in to confirm your offer and pay the amount that was accepted. Or at least maybe you guys could think of something along those lines it would be pretty cool thing to add. Thanks
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