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  1. jellz

    More Crim Stuffs

    not civilian homes, local houses to rob.
  2. jellz

    More Food Stuff

    coffee, variety of sodas, chips, jerky, cookies, chocolate, candy, pbj, lunchables, juices, puddings, jello.
  3. New Shops New Items New Drinks New Food New Snacks
  4. Jewelry Store Robberies. House Robberies. Warehouse Robberies. Bank Truck Robberies.
  5. jellz

    Seating Civilians

    currently, you can not sit anyone who is dead.
  6. jellz

    Repair Kits

    keeping the existing shop and implementing an mechanic employee access only vendor to sell repair kits.
  7. Blood and Shell casings to collect for better investigation capabilities.
  8. jellz

    Respawn Timers

    Lengthening respawn timers when medics are on duty to provide for more realistic medical RP, limiting the 'jump back into action'. with a 'send to coroner' if injuries are too severe for recovery (ie falling from 15 story building, vehicle explosion, being shot in the head, etc)
  9. Seating unconscious civilians in transport vehicles for medic/cop use only.
  10. jellz


    Bandages being purchasable by civilians even while medics are on duty.
  11. jellz

    Job Board

    to contact local business owners who are active and on-duty within the city. to local a lawyer, mechanic, taxi driver, a tow driver. this job board would be integrated into the cellphone for easy access.
  12. jellz


    More diverse items to create interesting RP. Food that gives different benefits or perks similar to the 'Redgull' - added armor, health, stamina, etc.
  13. jellz

    Repair Kits

    Implementing a trade system for local mechanic shops to have access to repair kits to sell. Currently there is only one location to purchase kits, allowing mechanics to sell them or even craft them could help draw in more direction consumer to distributor interactions.
  14. jellz


    To allow for more genuine medical experiences for officers or EMS transporting injured civilians to the hospitals when a doctor is unavailable. A Check-In Counter could help facilitate a more seamless medical experience with an exact timer so there is no confusion on 'how long' you should stay in bed to be treated. Giving the front desk more of a use and civilians visiting the hospitals on their own more benefiting. This Check-In would place the civilian in a bed to be 'treated' and after 45seconds they would have all injuries treated, full health, full water.
  15. jellz

    EMS Alerts

    A recent events tracker for EMS to reference for Store Robberies, Bank Robberies, Vehicle Accidents, Gun Shots. Vital information of events happening around the city with a time/date of incident and location.
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