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  1. With the removal of the fail drive rule, i think the following would help improve the driving aspect on the server. Removing the ability to be able to control how your car moves mid-air would make it 10x more realistic and fun, while been more punishing when going over bumps and getting chased by the police. (I'm aware you are not allowed to do this but most still do).
  2. Rapid


    I think a good idea would be for the dealership to allow people to bring them cars so they could set up an auction. From that they host it and announce it and take a cut of the final price
  3. Rapid

    Gun Idles

    Give a new option in 'K menu' to allow different gun idles. This would be good for cops and the variety of guns to make it a lot more realistic. Would also look good for criminals. For example, when cops have a pistol they have a idle where they grip two hands and have their front foot forward to give it a better look instead of just holding it by their side. for criminals, one where they have it help up vertically in one hand.
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