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  1. I have ran into Johnson plenty of times and the rp was always amazing. He never breaks character and overall deserves to be a noticed roleplayer.
  2. It was a deputy but I literally was punched and shot for no apparent reason once so ever which is rdm and my character was new to the city so why would they just pull guns on random people?
  3. In-game Character Name Jackiisan Day Name of the player(s) you're reporting Bryan Mathis and the Trons I have attempted to resolve this issue Yes Date of the incident 03/10/2020 Time of incident Around 9:40 EST Please provide details and explain what happened in this incident So I went to the VU for a mechanic call, I parked and then fixed the car, then I was told to leave and when I tried leaving a gun was then pointed at me by mathis and about 4 other players who I do not know the name of. I then left and when to my car garage which is at the VU so see if my car was in there. I then parked my car and was told I had to pay a fee by people claiming to be the owners and I knew they were not the owners so I said I am checking something and you do not own the place so no. A officer then pulled up and I told her what happened by then I got punched 3 times for no reason by the people who held me at gun point. The officer did nothing and then I walked by to my truck, they then stole my truck, parked it in the middle of the freeway and then killed me with a automatic gun for no reason when I asked why they took the mechanic truck. I then called for staff and of course Mathis came on his bike, said he didn't do anything wrong and went back to the front of the VU. It is really getting on my nerves that all they did was failrp and rdm and Mathis allowed of it. My discord is jackiisan#0420 if you want to contact me further. Add your evidence My recording software bugged when I tried to clip it but you can check the logs. I have read the terms Yes
  4. I am going to be starting a business and going to dedicate a lot of time to it, I want to know if anybody has ideas for what kind of business they would like to see implemented to the server .
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