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  1. Would be great if civilians had to opportunity to buy Level 3 Kevlar armor from maybe the second or third gun license so if someone gets shot or just wants to prepare for a break in at their house they could last longer and survive more shots. But would be expensive maybe like 5-10k or less
  2. So when you damage your vehicle and you try and put it in it costs money like the PG. But if you get out of your car and press E multiple times it puts it in for free. Also whenever you pull out your vehicle from your home garage it changes colors at first then the color goes back to normal.
  3. Would be great for people to switch characters in game without having to re log and wait just to play on another character
  4. Would be great to see a compass and a street name hud. Would be better then the N on the mini map and the street name in the bottom right and if it could be toggled like the ui.
  5. Would be great to have the ability to put your medkits/bandages when you go off duty as EMS
  6. Then that's on them but why make everyone pay so much money for a gun and then it disappears and no one does anything without "proof". Why not just lower then overall and not make it unfair for everyone
  7. but what if civilians just want to have guns, keeping them high for criminals effects civilians, but also civilians have to buy licenses but not cops, just cause cops need guns doesn't mean civilians don't need guns
  8. Or they could just lower them like they do cop guns
  9. So many people keep getting kicked for their ping which seems like a huge problem and makes people not be able to rp and get into the server or crash in the middle of something.
  10. Lower the gun prices, gun license prices, weapon modifications and add more weapons that are not illegal. It is so unrealistic and so overpriced. Like 90k for the 3rd license and over 100k for a AR when irl you can get a AR-15 or a ak-47 for as low as $500 and suppressors are not almost 15k irl. People have whole arsenals irl that are legal and not as expensive in game. And one gun that would be great to be public is the combat pistol as IRL people can get a lot of the same guns are cops.
  11. It would be so cool if there was a Jaws of Life that the SAFD could actually use instead of just saying you are doing it or /me without it in your hands and the animation.
  12. I have ran into Johnson plenty of times and the rp was always amazing. He never breaks character and overall deserves to be a noticed roleplayer.
  13. ^ also the brakes, it takes so long to come to a stop
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