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  1. Personally I think he's a big hypocrite and does break character sometimes. However, he's always "praying to the gods. as he often says" Which is pretty cringey. It's also annoying to RP with him. He goes to admin waiting like at least once a day, if not more (serious). I don't get how you need to go to admin waiting that often. It seems like he can't solve things in RP, and does cry when something doesn't go his way.
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  3. He's been around for about 3 weeks now I think. Him and his criminal brother are funny.
  4. This man is the only funny person I've found in the city. Whenever I run into him, he always finds a way to make me laugh. His dedication to his character is strong too. From his grammar, voice, and to his commitment to his dreams. He came into the city as a taxi driver as a refugee from Nigeria, where he was originally studying law. He just recently passed the bar exam, and is working as a public defender to help others who do not have knowledge of the law. Hope to see him around more often while making an impact in the city.
  5. Free

    Archer Braxton

    Nice to meet you, Archer! Hopefully you can adjust to the city.
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