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  1. Free

    Robbing Someone

    I remember playing on a different place, their robbing system was similar to what it is on here. However, you can see what weapons are on the person but you physically can't take them. In my opinion, I feel like that's fair game. You know what they have on them, so you're prepared for any surprises. And you would also give the person being robbed a chance to hand over there gun if they want to live, etc.
  2. Personally I think he's a big hypocrite and does break character sometimes. However, he's always "praying to the gods. as he often says" Which is pretty cringey. It's also annoying to RP with him. He goes to admin waiting like at least once a day, if not more (serious). I don't get how you need to go to admin waiting that often. It seems like he can't solve things in RP, and does cry when something doesn't go his way.
  3. Me personally, I prefer when your screen used to turn gray with no other effects. If you actually hit something, you could RP it out. It gets annoying when someone else is driving, and you're getting blacked out, but they haven't hit anything on their screen. Not only that, but I've been blacked out several time while my friend has driven me to Paleto, or when we are in a race. In addition, the blackout effect can happen twice even if you're not moving. In my opinion, it can be gruesome and just adds more issues than it solves.
  4. There's only one gang hideout which I know of and it's pretty cool how it's accessible to members of the gang, and how it's implemented. But gang safes would be an amazing feature to complement proper hideouts.
  5. It seems like Dynasty 8 is starting to come back in action. I was thinking if it would be possible for gangs to purchase property and use it as their own hideout/head quarters. I believe the O'Connors have something like this already implemented, so only their members can access the property. In addition to gangs owning property to use as their own hideout. I feel like a cool feature to add on top of that would be to add gang safes. They would be located somewhere in the hideout and can only be accessible to members of the gang that are of a certain rank. For example, anyone above a prospect rank. This way gangs can share resources or stash items for later use. The safes would act exactly like the closet system, or something similar.
  6. Yeah, this is a big issue with the Duallys.
  7. Currently ammo clips only give 10 bullets, so you have to stock up on hella' ammo clips in order to get enough ammo for your gun. Ammo clips are $750, and they add up real quick. I've talked to others who feel that the current ammo clip system should be reworked a little. The ammo clips could be cheaper, or they could provide more bullets for each ammo clip used.
  8. Free

    More Civ Stuff

    I feel like while many new people sign up for tanker, it's also a confusing job when it comes to completing the tasks on hand for it.
  9. Since the wipe, I believe money laundering has been changed twice. And coke has been changed about 3 times. I think black market is due to be moved soon. It doesn't have to be moved too far from it's current location, but it can be in an unthinkable spot that is also dangerous to go to. That could be in a completely different area or nearby it's current location.
  10. Server IP:
  11. He's been around for about 3 weeks now I think. Him and his criminal brother are funny.
  12. This man is the only funny person I've found in the city. Whenever I run into him, he always finds a way to make me laugh. His dedication to his character is strong too. From his grammar, voice, and to his commitment to his dreams. He came into the city as a taxi driver as a refugee from Nigeria, where he was originally studying law. He just recently passed the bar exam, and is working as a public defender to help others who do not have knowledge of the law. Hope to see him around more often while making an impact in the city.
  13. Free

    Archer Braxton

    Nice to meet you, Archer! Hopefully you can adjust to the city.
  14. There's way too many taxi drivers. It's way better to wait for an interview and just do taxi instead of starting at the other jobs. One solution would be to put a cap on how many taxi drivers can be clocked in. Because too many taxi driver's clocked in would cost the Taxi Company too much money in labor if you think about it RP wise. What's the point of paying 30 online taxi drivers when all you need is under 15 to service the city and its outskirts? Another solution would be to make other starter jobs viable. When I started meat processing, I'd be too scared to work because there's no one to guard the trucks from robbers. And sometimes when you're driving all the way down to the city, you might end up crashing or something happens that causes you to clock out. Then on re-log, you gotta drive back to the desert to clock in, drive back to the city, drive back to the processing plant, and repeat. It's also not a good starter job because you have to put a deposit on the truck, and in some cases you end up losing your deposit to random accidents. With taxi, there's no startup costs or anything docked from your paycheck. It would also be cool if some old jobs come back, or if there's new jobs that are introduced. So it provides variety to the server. Currently it's like half the server are taxi drivers, and then the 10+ cops online are issuing them speeding tickets.
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