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  1. Keiron

    More Crim Stuffs

    House robberies imo is such a bad idea. Apart from that everything else sounds good
  2. East-side motherfucker
  3. Np bro.. You deserve it!
  4. This guy is one of the best RP'ers I know.. He literally tries his hardest at all times and has never broke character. This guy keeps all drug locations locked down, and this guy always takes every RP scenario seriously. Furthermore, whenever Tony is around it is always a fun time in the city because he RP's as an extremely tough gangster. In my opinion this guy is one of the best RP'ers in the city he definitely deserves the NRP role.
  5. Keiron

    Wireless car keys

  6. In my opinion to prevent bikes being unable to be used when they fall and their locked, maybe try add a key to unlock the car/bike that you can do from quite far away.
  7. Keiron

    Money trucks

    Money trucks randomly spawn around the map every 6 hours and you can blow into them and try steal the money from them if there is enough cops on.
  8. Ah my bad.. Sorry. I'd like you guys to make it so mechanics, car dealers, officers etc get more of a 'benefit' for doing things legal. In my opinion, being illegal is 100% the way to go; I want to see people actually doing legal jobs and earning good money rather then having to buy drug locations to actually earn some decent money. I hope you understand, if not please quote me and I will replay ASAP!
  9. Can I have an update on what's happening to this?
  10. Balance out the more legal jobs
  11. Keiron

    Reserve Medics

    Completely agree..
  12. In my opinion the job salaries are poorly balanced compared to the drug salaries. If you would like to earn $100,000 as a normal, legal person it takes days.. I can literally earn $200,000 in less then a day with drugs. I'm not saying you should decrease drug salaries but at least balance the salaries because they're completely unbalanced when it comes to wanting to buy something.. Also the fact that you have to re-purchase a licnese every few weeks for the locations on drugs is an appalling idea in my opinion; just like to say I'm not tryna throw hate to the community but there's my opinion.. I would just like everything more balanced..
  13. Pretty sure I saw it on a YT'ers video.. I'll quickly try find it. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/gearshiftinganimation
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