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  1. Thank You for your suggestion. The Staff team is now voting on your suggestion @Camron Cosby
  2. @Jdnrye143 Now since we have a new channel in discord for Suggestions. Feel free to put this in there also
  3. Nick B.

    Jerry Can

    @Ret This issue belongs in "report a issue".
  4. Looking for a better Compass other then the tiny N on the mini map
  5. Submit a Whitelist Application @Kev942
  6. Nick B.

    Impound Lot

    @JerseyDevil Yea just a place where they can pay a fee to get there car back before the Restart
  7. Nick B.

    Impound Lot

    A way to buy your vehicle once its impounded.
  8. Better way to switch characters in game, instead of flying out
  9. Get a better Compass instead of the little N on the mini map and also Way points to 10-90's and other local calls This would be great: https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-compass-and-street-name-hud/5525?__cf_chl_captcha_tk__=91ea620147188cac9dae7f0c11f6e6731fb025de-1584314700-0-Ac-sOdT40J-ZeQ8sYHmEcnTOhcQ8ZOUBJ9gdUzRKDapMUOLrXzjlDFSyzOOYrT2vXuaNON2YaRo7-71qDJ-lnxHC0eCqotc6OD8ZQHcwg-5Fjt44MvWJH44mmNm3RsUBskRogD1o-_VLa4d9nkrxrvDg5ux74LI3DNT3iMEhvIKOxsOGO3ZclO23pijuD8Usvsp3IquaEZN6A-6Ie2HLD6wz9OoU2Xcx4KOhYUszlm_O1H3xNas7G7fgdfLGtIdE4hER0gJSNaEW75HVT1AlGKz_mbfR7dUJcJly_C42eMGriMR-XLpHWUq0BKi3mroFzmIbnDIXMObf6RbGEWwli6Sby8zytPRV4Rjl3Fds0kDg6s4BB6T_Gc-kQNvaGlIBjAsZk1nrRaDw4PycnpmcQUCWJksQH-JJs6vumTTyK2deNVT5R4wB8ip6pTrmucH6X-NrftGOkUWmjxTfkcYQm66Wqi7CFh4uEbBogat-u_b3WsXBVLVF3wFrXpzxWKaksQ
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