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  1. Seemed as my issue was just needing to clear my cache, cause I have tried many things, included what you've mentioned, and the only way i've found to fix it, is by clearing the cache
  2. Like the title says above, I cannot access trunks on only one of my characters, EVER. I have tried flying in and out when it doesn't work, I try opening the trunk everytime i fly in and no luck ever. All my other characters however, can open a trunk perfectly fine with no issues. Talked to staff in game about it, they told me to make a bug report.
  3. I agree, everytime I am around Johnson or on a scene with him, it is always 10 out of 10 great roleplay every single time. +1
  4. I agree with this, it would also be nice to raise the limit of ems on before you can longer use debifs again as well, because when there is only 1 medic on, many people could be going down and it will take them too long to pick everyone up in time and drive them to the hospital.
  5. I'll make this short and sweet, but I feel it would be nice for the MDT to show the model of the vehicle or vehicles a player owns, this way we if suspects take off we have more of a description for the BOLO
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