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  1. Job Guide

    GSR Water

    Basically an Item you can buy from the black market like GSR water, where if after you shot you take an animation example: 30 seconds to use it, and it clears you of any GSR that you just shot.
  2. Bringing this back up, because it got buried with no Yes/No. Chubbs even stated the thought mechanics already had Pedestrian side jobs to do between inner-acting with civilians. If we could possibly get what the taxi-co has. We get a call to impound a local vehicle in a parking lot etc. where some money goes to the shop and some to the employee, Taxi's and Mechanics make the same hourly but Taxis make more with side jobs. During the late hours with less people this keeps mechanics busy as well. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestion to change repair kits from full repair to 1/2 repairs, basically when using a repair kit it gets the car going again but not fully repair'd they still need to see a mechanic, there is almost always a mechanic on duty. This also helps keep mechanics jobs more busy. With that the temp. repair kits i'll call them now could be 500-1000, basically its good enough to get them to where they need to be but also to a mechanic shop. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. @PaxI know one thing it would look a lot cleaner on the hands of a streamer. but i do see how it can be abused.
  4. Cops get their gun license issued to them by the state when hired, they go through intense training to make sure they properly used. civilans do not.
  5. @jackiisanCops need weapons to do their jobs. Criminals do not unless they want to shoot, if we lowered the price there is no risk for them losing their guns and will have way more shoot outs than we need
  6. @jackiisan Lets take this into effect with an economy as our such IRL 500 dollars for an AR is correct. but we also play in a city were we also don't make IRL Hourly Wages Lets say on Average someone in the city makes 3,000 in 24mins as per pay check, not even speaking illegal activites were you can make way more. So were USA Lets say average minimum wage is 8.75 / 3 (to represent the 24mins) comes out to 2.91 divide that into the 3000 we get we make 1,031 times more than IRL minimum wage so if we are going based off that price why not 500 x 1,030 = 515,000 for an AR if we are going to make this "More realisitc" Fluctuate the economy fluctuate the pricing. The weapon prices are just fine as if you want the "Legal route" it is still cheaper and more effect than buying from the black market.
  7. Job Guide

    Impound Lot

    @Nick B. @BrownMamba310 and myself had the idea of having each mechanic shop have their own little gated area for Mechs to have their own impounds, that way if a mech has to impound a vehicle we keep it there and allow individuals to go to each shop or call shops and find out if their vehicle is there and then allow them to pay for it out of the impound. only thing is if your vehicle is Perma destroyed Ex: Blown up or In the water then yeah you would continue to wait til Tsunami
  8. Just like how we have /e (Command Name) If we could get the same for Police /Search /Cuff /UnCuff /Jail (Time period) etc. Obviously its preference but i think command would be just so much easier and flow so much nicer, than going through a menu.
  9. @Chubbs That would be a Negative Ghost Rider but as an Owner of a Mech shop, we'd REALLY appreciate it to help pass time
  10. Dear American Dream Society, I am not one to make these types of posts. But there needs to be a little bit of light shed on someone who does not have the tag he deserves. Sgt Ms. Peggy Aka Trooper Johnson aka @Chapo Delgato, deserves the notice role player tag. I've been role playing with Johnson since he was a cadet and i was a Probationary Deputy. Look at us both Sgt in our different Departments, both running FTOs together. I used to absolutely hate Johnson, Couldn't stand him as a cadet, Couldn't stand him til just right about his first promotion to Trooper first class. The guy was just a pain to be around, but literally since then this dude has grown into such an insane role player. The guy is absolutely a legend and is such a great character to be around. The role play he gives me from his cop to civ is always a completely great scene. Johnson is not one to break role play, he is not one to meta-game, power-game. He sees everything from both sides and has been an insane role player the past few months. Not to just me, but to the content he gives civilians and other LEOs in the city. This man highly deserves a Notice Role Player tag. Great fella Glad to see he is doing good, he is one to stick around the books for awhile. Look forward to future scenes with the dude. Signed, 4/9/2020 23:12:00 Sgt. RockAFella BCSO
  11. +1 - When everyone sees him its nothing but "Booooy howdy"
  12. PLEASE. I am a Cop and Poor Poor people get RDM'd all the time.
  13. We can instead add a BOLO option like warrant - citation - note where we can put the officer who placed the bola, what the description of the BOLO was and when it was reported.
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