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  1. @kenan_alsbeih Please refrain from calling him a "shitlord" These reports are supposed to be formal.
  2. Hands down feity is one of the best role players i have meet, One cop and crim he has showed me amazing role play even when others didn't he would go out his way to provide the bets role play he could.
  3. Sounds like you didn't like what situation you were in. Lol dont dish shit if you cant take it.
  4. Hey everyone, With all this virus shit going around i just wan't to know what has been your best moment on the server in all of your time being a member here!
  5. I Would like to give a huge huge shout out to Mr. Falcon every time I get into some sort of situation/Altercation with him is always so amazing and fun for both parties involved at all times and honestly his rp is just a break from all of the bullshit that goes on, Also he is always an smiling face and he knows how to take a hit on the chin and stand up, I Have never once seen him break character and all of his situations he plays out 100% until its time for it to be wrapped up.
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