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  1. Honestly there's no difference between macro'ing a series of keypresses and macro'ing a series of keypresses...
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/lyonsdeflamand/clip/GiantDirtyBunnyPoooound?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time
  3. No longer having them de facto be anonymous.
  4. My motorcycle is smoking. Two seperate mechanics have tried to fix it and we're two restarts in and it's still smoking.
  5. On a regular basis I have encountered players who wanted to buy something from a grocery store an accidentally tripped the registry. Can we maybe change the promptkey for the robbing?
  6. * Gives the "Trying to remove... " message * Does not remove car, it remains functional * Car then shows up as Stored in the Garage though, haven't tried to pull it back out again though.
  7. General Store on Clinton Avenu gives the prompt to the old UI / Store System
  8. There is, type .cars in #bot-music
  9. On other servers we had /shuff to switch seats if the driver side door was blocked.
  10. Hi, I've been doing the taxi job for a few days and every npc I have picked up has a dropoff point roughly in the same street in Sandy Shores. Also some of the pickup points are in points that you should not be allowed to access with a vehicle. Would it be possible to look at these? Thanks in advance!
  11. Jakob Freudhammer aka LyonsDeFlamand Age: 54 Jakob moved to the city after a particularly messy divorce. Though Psychologist of training he is now working as a taxi driver.
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