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  1. This would be a nice way to fix the issue of where peoples heads explode and they got locked out of their cars. If it is possible it would be nice for your cars to have a set pin code that you set for the specific car when you buy it or something a long the lines of that. That way if your game crashes then you can still get into your car with the pin. I know that you can call a mech to do a lock pick on it but they usually don't respond.
  2. I would like for everyone to be able to change their nick name in discord. The reason being for me personally is that I play on a lot of different games and I am in a lot of different discord servers. It would helpful so if I joined the VC or talked in the text channels people can know who I am in RP.
  3. There is a lot of people that make money through the stock market.... So I would like to make money through the stock market in here as well.
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