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  1. I spent a straight hour, just sitting out in the water waiting for an admin. An hour. He just shows up and acts like I should be grateful he helped me at all. You guys need to learn how to treat people.
  2. So after waiting out there for like a full in game day I get teleported to the dock. Don't get the deposit for the boat back, and only had like 3/4 inventory of fish.. not compensation or anything from the admin. When everything goes well the job takes upwards of an hour and a half to do... this whole ordeal easily took 2 and a half and I end up 2k in the hole for a boat and only have 700 fish to take to market. That is too much damn time to be spending to have a glitch cost you money and inventory and then an admin isn't even willing to do. If you give a shit, which I guess you guys don't, your trunks are fucking glitched as shit and seem to be the root of most of issues for all the players I've encountered so far. I was trying to use the boat storage when the game suddenly got stuck in cursor mode. The game was still working perfectly I just couldn't do anything but move the cursor and open the console to disconnect. If you can't fix the problem being a little more accommodating for the time lost every time there is a glitch would go a long way. I get you are worried that people will abuse it or something but I dunno what to tell you. People will stop playing on your server if they keep getting screwed out of their time.
  3. I've sent about 20 in game reports. I have almost a full inventory of fish. Please help.
  4. Seems like about twice a day I'm reporting some glitch that loses me a car or inventory or money etc etc etc and while the admins are always happy to show up, I haven't been helped a single time. In fact you are more likely to get scolded for "doing something wrong" to cause a glitch or something. I logged off perfectly healthy yesterday and woke up today dead... with no inventory. Admin comes and just goes "yeah there is nothing we can do." For as many glitches as there are on this server you guys are suuuuuuuper anti user. It takes a lot of time to get the inventory here and you can just lose it to some bullshit and the admin is more likely to kick you than help you. Thought I had finally found a good server but I'm not into constantly losing progress.
  5. Just finished my application but it is saying "That value is not allowed" under the discord name box. I just put my user name is there like an @discord or something I have to put after it? (solution) Okay I just had to go into my account settings and get the #number after my user name in case anyone runs into this snag.
  6. I got into the queue an hour ago 20th in line, am now 21st. It's hard to gauge how long a wait is going to be, it can be pretty much infinite as people keep getting placed in front of you. Something that could work for everyone is having a separate queue for VIPs that moves faster. Basically it would take 2 or 3 people from the VIP queue and then 1 from the regular queue. This way the contributors still get in much faster but regular schmoes like me still have a static place in the lineup.
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