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  1. Jack White


    The ability to do /mdt and it pulls up the MDT and puts a tablet in your hand
  2. Just a suggestion to remove it or reduce the time
  3. When you don't even crash your screen shakes and is just annoying as when you don't hit anything your screen just starts to shake constantly
  4. I know but then the UI is in the middle. I just feel like it would look a lot cleaner if it was server wide
  5. Ye i get that but it just allows more space on your screen and also i just feel it would look cleaner
  6. Just makes sense and makes it more realistic
  7. Could we remove the map that is bottom left of the screen as when we are walking. But when we are driving it will re appear as it helps as a gps when driving.
  8. Other people and i are experiencing loading into the server and having Pink hair and very pale skin
  9. When the MRPD back gate is locked it still opens.
  10. @Chubbs I mean for PD with the Ammo Clips it does not let us use them
  11. With the new inventory system we can not put ammo into guns.
  12. https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-qalle-wheelchair-wheelchair-for-ems-standalone/196625 As some may know my character Jack Eilish was in a car accident and is paralyzed from the waist down, please allow me to have something like the above. I feel it would create great RP. Does NOT have to be this script but something like that would be great!
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