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  1. Just being able to do more /e commands in the chat.
  2. I think he got the role now, congrats Jeb!
  3. RScott

    Robbable Houses

    I think this is a very well written suggestion and it should be brought to the devs attention! Great job on the suggestion!
  4. You said you know that the server isn’t a money simulator, yet you state that doing drugs doesn’t give you enough money to be worth it, instead of thinking about money go rp
  5. RScott

    Steering wheel support

  6. Go out and rp instead of worrying about money, the last sentance made your whole suggestion hypocritical lol
  7. Money making is supposed to be difficult, be happy for what you get, on other server the economy is 10 times lower.
  8. The fishing zone out in the sea is a greenzone, if you manage to get their ids report it to the admin team or if possible record them.
  9. Fixing the scuffed right hand drive cars so that you can get in with out running into the car and teleporting into the car.
  10. I think you should be able to have your car running whilst outside, we could have a hotkey to turn on/off the engine while inside of the vehicle.
  11. RScott

    Specter Car

    The specter is a local car from original GTA but is not available to buy from the dealership, it would be cool if we could add it in.
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