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  1. gat36


    Being able to buy a radio at the U-Tool and typing the number in the radio of what channel you want to use, i think this would be nice for people because instead of using "bluetooth" that some people use such asa disacord i think it would help them to want to use in game chats more in stead of that whole discord "bluetooth" crap people use keeping rp in the game like how its meant to be.
  2. i wrote in a previous suggestion that GPS trackers for cars would be nice but i seen in another server they used Insurance you had to buy for your car weekly to be able to see where it is so thought this would be nice instead of a GPS tracker or which ever one
  3. ive seen plug ins where the dancers at the VU can dance on the pole and they can go upside down and all that cool jazz and the customers are able to lean on the railing and throw bills at the dancers, as well as employes being able to lock the changing room and the back doors
  4. such as burger shack or cluck and bell being able to walk into them and buy burgers or coffees from the shops in the city, just adding more food in general in the stores that can be used.
  5. adding useable venting machines such as soda machines like the ones near the PDM or the pier or coffee machines that are all over the city and even maby being able to use the snack machines aswell
  6. if its possible it would be nice if the Police get the distress signal for when no EMS are on to be able to come help us up or even decrease the prices of the defibs when no EMS r online.
  7. when you have more than one character the mask for one character transfers over to the other character making it so that both characters have the same mask so you have to go out and keep buying different masks you want for your character specifically. Im not sure if my explanation makes sense but character one has a dog mask on and when you buy a mask for you second character which is a cat mask, going back to character one will have the cat mask on instead of the first dog mask that they initially had on. So it would be nice to have it as when going to differnt characters that the masks you buy for that specific character stay the same and dont change for the other character.
  8. being able to buy a GPS tracker for your car and then maybe having the option to find the GPS tracker in the car n throw it out
  9. gat36

    Watch TV

    being able to watch TV in the apartments like to watch those police chases from the news or something
  10. Getting of the train at my stop and when i exit the train i get stuck and i am not able to move and have to re-log and then when i re-log i am thrown back in a que
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