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  1. Random cars you can obtain and put in your garage
  2. Yes, that's true. People get kicked for being AFK regardless, but yeah I see where you're coming from.
  3. Easy work around; ban those who abuse it.
  4. Ability to type /character and it comes up with the character selection screen. Makes it so you don't have to relog when the server is full.
  5. KeironPlayZ


    Yeah, could work.. Tone Island rather then Stone Island
  6. Yeah, that could be extremley nice.. Idk if its possible to make the car go at that speed without holding 'W' but that could be cool too!
  7. KeironPlayZ


    That's true but then you have the issue of Copyright, correct?
  8. Yeah, but it'd be nice if you used your arrow keys so you don't have to concentrate on driving whilst using cruise control. It would make it more realistic too because you do not tend to input a specific value into your car when driving IRL, you tend to go up using the buttons provided.
  9. KeironPlayZ

    New company

    Don't understand what you're trying to get at?
  10. I agree! Very well written, can tell you thought about it and planned it out.
  11. I know there is a garage at a rented property, not too sure where though.
  12. It'd be cool to have that car..
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