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  1. Changing our police's cuffing systems from the basic hard cuffs (where you can not walk or move your head at all) to soft cuffs where you would be able to walk around, possibly run, and look around, etc. This would immerse everybody a lot more to make people think that they actually still have a chance even after being cuffed unlike right now where it feels like your RP is completely over when you are cuffed.
  2. SYKE

    Gang Dragging

    The idea around this suggestion is to be able to drag people around when they are down with gang tags (same function as gang interaction in and out of vehicles). This would bring RP for criminals where they could help their friends when they are dead to bring them to safety for example. You can make rules and regulations in regards to this to make it a Gang rules to not abuse it and if it is abused it can be brought up as a gang strike.
  3. This would be in regards to registered and whitelisted gang. The idea of this system is that it would work like a regular apartment but instead it would be a warehouse/stash house with a combined safe. Having it revolve on the person with the Top tag for the gang who has to register the warehouse and only the people with that certain gang with the tag in game would be able to access it like an apartment, see it on the map, and cops would not be able to see that you rent it. This would lead gangs to have an incentive to become a whitelisted gang, uphold their gang, and overall would add some new RP for police to investigate and have gangs to uphold secrecy.
  4. SYKE

    Coke Processing

    Coke Processing does not work, it does not let you process the coke but it does give you the option to.
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