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  1. I personally think that jobs like post op need to have higher paychecks. I spend 20 minutes driving around delivering boxes and make about $1200. I also have to worry about the speed limit so that I don't get pulled over. After like 35 minutes of hard work I only make like $2500(prices could be a little off). I feel like its just not good enough. Not everyone wants to do illegal jobs and not everyone wants to become a cop. I enjoy jobs like post op and trucking. But what I don't enjoy is barely making any money. I was told they are the same as jobs like mechanic but hell even they don't make that much. All i'm saying is maybe raise the prices of regular jobs. Making roughly $250 per box and ending out like 2500 is bad for new comers too. I think a price like $500 per box or maybe $450 is perfect.
  2. I think yall should make it so we can steal vehicles while NPC's are driving. Im literally running across the map because I don't have a vehicle yet and I can't find one i can take. Even back before the reset when I had cars if i crashed in the middle of nowhere i was fucked and had to run everywhere. Waste of time.
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