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  1. Trick or Treating, Random items being able to be found around a selected area also tricks being able to be found could be rewarding or scary
  2. Chop Shop Suggestion Index Pink - Roleplay based Green - Money based Blue - Player interaction Orange what would be needed from dev’s Before Reading this Suggestion I have heard from the community from sharing my ideas that there should be no involvement of Your own cars or others that return to garages or anything that belongs to a player, With this idea i also feel there should be 2 Parts to the idea including a skill level system for things when your stealing a car from a mission you have accepted you have a % chance to disable the alarm when breaking into it. The First Part to this Suggestion, Around the map there is broken down vans that have no use and I’d like to have them be used for the chop shop, You could go up to the broken down vans around the city and harvest them for parts and then on harvesting them you could receive skill level to then take missions to steal cars (Stealing cars being the second part to this) Firstly what it could create for Roleplay - It would allow for more pursuits from both criminals and cops allowing for them to better their driving and come up with tactics in pitting criminals, Secondly it would allow for people interacting with others as they steal car parts from the broken down vans around the city, it would also extend peoples map knowledge and allow for them to use those locations later in their rp either it be kidnapping or other rp purposes. What it brings for the economy - As I have stated before in my other ideas i don’t have much care for the economy in its current state, Everyone who saves and spends only when they need has at least 2 mil and never does anything with it due to them hating the current methods of money, Banks and drugs now another source could allow for people to spend money on events and not feel the need to sell drugs just to be able to attend to create another event later in the week or month. What it brings for Police - As mentioned before it would better police driving skills in pitting drivers and driving at high speeds, it would allow for more training purposed for high speed pursuits, It allows for police to fill there time always giving them something to do either it be other ideas, Drugs or this suggestion im putting forward now What it brings for Players - Personally I feel the more around the city that a player can interact with and do allows for rp to be made out of it, The parts you get from chopping a broken down van could be made into an organisation for a group to own and sell the parts for higher prices compared to the normal price a player would get for going to the chop shop location and selling them, As for the stealing of motor vehicles it allows for the player to get a sense of adrenaline running from police allowing for their skills to broaden in how to get away from police, it makes people think about plans and getting away strategically instead of just driving fast and shooting guns to kill police removing the fun for anyone from the rp created from stealing a car What would be needed from the developers - A location where we can accept jobs to steal cars of all types that are brought in via code and a GPS is given to the player of the car location - A timer for each car would be needed depending on the car variables along with the ability to remove alarms from each car but have a success and failure rate also depending on the variables of the cars - At the same location of accepting jobs to steal cars there also should be a start and a finish car chopping job one that gives you a GPS and after completing that job you get given another location for the next chop and once done you go back and end the job to remove the GPS and marker - A marker on the GPS would be a good idea as well for people that reset there markers on GPS so they can still go to the locations - There won’t be any need for new charges as there is already grand theft auto and attempted grand theft auto and the chopping of parts i feel should be legal
  3. Robbable House’s Suggestion Index Pink - Roleplay based Green - Money based Blue - Player interaction Orange what would be needed from dev’s Before reading this suggestion please take into note i don’t want this to be anything like nopixel but the stigma that comes from robbing houses does seem like it from peoples pov, therefore please take your time reading this and don’t automatically assume that the idea is coming from there as it isn’t, The strain for the server wouldn’t be massivly huge as the buildings wouldn’t be required as the suggestion im putting forward wouldn’t even enter a house but would still allow for a silent alarm that notifies the police of a house robbery in progress then when police show on scene they could either run and create a vehicle pursuit or they can interact in saying its their house, personally i believe this will take attention away from drugs in general allowing for new people to start up in getting money and getting connections around the city also allowing for older players to find new people or just have a different view / way on roleplay from other things such as this suggestion Firstly what it could create for Roleplay - The ability to rob a house would allow for gangs or groups to control specific areas listed below to stop people getting robbed for their items received from houses or the complete opposite and create more hostile rp, it would draw attention to everyone only selling drugs and allow for rp instead of running from 1 npc to another with little to no interaction. What it brings for the economy - I feel allowing robbable houses would create another method of income for people to be able to run events and such for better rp and also potentially allowing for a group / organization to end up creating a blackmarket for items to sell items from houses for a higher price creating more roleplay and interaction ( As an example - If someone were to have 20 laptops or a mass amount of an item they could rp having a truck for it ) What it brings for Police - Personally i only see police responding to speeding, 911, and gunshot calls due to the bad rp they recieve down on orchard, having a silent alarm go off when robbing a house would allow for police to show and then the person robbing the house could create a scenario saying they left their keys inside when locking the door along with rping the items they have one them, then allowing the officer to search them and respond according to information they may have gotten in the past from were they have said they have lived from a prior interaction or if they have more than what would seem legit like 3 phones 4 pairs of shoes and 5 jackets they would instantly know they have been robbing houses and could arrest them. What it brings for Players - As a member of the community as of recently I've taken note that everything involved with the city and the players is based around drugs and gangs, Personally I believe that the addition to robbable houses would create more fun interaction from other people either it be hostile or friendly interactions while robbing houses along with not having the boring long process of selling drugs, Secondly i feel the community would be more spread out instead of one being in one area and creating less of a scare when doing illegal activities around the city with more police responding to other calls. What would be needed from the devs - Things such as Blips at certain areas around houses such as Windows, Backdoors and front doors. A list of items that you could obtain from houses and then sell at a pawn shop in the map, ( could become another possible location u would have to buy ) the list could be anything from a cheap old nokia phone to diamond rings or jewellery i’ll have a hyperlink below with a list of possible items, along with the list of items a % chance for each item would be needed so if people we’re lucky they could get multiple items from a house but with the 100% of at least getting an item A system would be needed if a gang we’re to aid to the robbing of houses and allow for the items to be sold for a higher price like a blackmarket and and to find about the blackmarket when you sell an item at the pawnshop they get notified saying “people around the city may buy these items for a higher price” The PD would possibly need a few new charges for robbery / breaking and entering and an alert for when a house robbery is occurring. Being able to rob houses during the day and night maybe during night if possible to code have it have a higher chance for the police to be alerted with a higher reward.
  4. From the start roleplaying with Lunarein / Calypso I've had nothing but amazing fun and laughter taking the step away from anything gang related and crime related together having amazing fun ! i wish nothing but the best for Daniel's ( My character ) sister from another mister and look forward for more fun times with what comes in the future
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