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  1. In-game Character Name Pong Hatake Name of the player(s) you're reporting Albert Belvider I have attempted to resolve this issue No Date of the incident 03/03/2020 Time of incident 7 pm EST Please provide details and explain what happened in this incident Belvider approached me in regards to someone stealing his motorcycle because he thought I was an associate of the person who stole it. I denied it and was wearing a mask, hat, and disguised my voice from how Pong talks. Belvider made some threatening remarks and I agreed with the remarks and began shooting. Three others were involved in the shooting as well as Belvider In which all four were downed by myself. After they were downed a friend who was waiting in queue watching a livestream from someone that was involved found that Belvider said Pong was the one who did it even though he was still on the ground. I believe Belvider is meta gaming to find out who I was because I have had little interaction with him and when I do its in Pongs voice not the disguised one. Belvider/Simples has been found meta gaming in the past and has been punished by being removed from his staff position. Also when the guy stole his motorcycle he said he knew who it was but then described the guys helmet so I’m unsure as to if he really knew who it was or not. Still seemed like meta in a way. Add your evidence Recording of the Livestream https://youtu.be/RNH8sCjORyQ I have read the terms Yes
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