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  1. When I try and subscribe to the server I can see the three different subscriptions but am unable to actually subscribe. There is no button at the bottom of each of the subscription. I have talked to a few other people and they can see the button but for me I cannot, I dont know if it's just my account or what? I bought platinum almost a year ago and now would love to support the server more by getting a Gold Sub if I could...
  2. the Cypress mec job's menu is broken
  3. This would be really cool
  4. That would be awesome! Any news on this yet?
  5. I did not know you guys did car shows that often I think I have only seen one since I moved to the city but I do play pretty late
  6. I ran into Nate a few days after moving to the city. Every interacton I have had with him has been great, his RP is on point. Everytime I run into him I end up in tears. One of my favorit interaction I had with him was when a local came out of nowhere causing and officer to crash and get thrown from his car. As I pulled up to see if I could offer any assistance to the officer laying in the middle of the highway here comes Nate pulling up on his hog. Immediately hopping off and crawling over attempting to give mouth to mouth to the reluctant officer had me crying with laughter. And that was just my first interaction with him, I have had many other memorable moments that I will never forget and I have only been in town for a few weeks.
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