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  1. put in a ban appeal
  2. John has amazing RP love that man good luck john
  3. The 2011 MC12 Stralade is the wrong model in game. the model in game is of a 2005 mc12 witch is not the same as a 2011 MC12 stralade you guys need to change the name on the sheet and in game
  4. You guys need the server ip press F8 and type Connect [Server ip]
  5. I havent know the guy for a long time but seems really cool and really know how to rp +1
  6. Hey I have some ideas that maybe can help you pach the weapons dupe glitch its rather simple to code in I have some experience with the dupe and its not the server but rather the ESX mod that the server uses and the best way to stop it and not let it work is adding a 1 second cooldown when depositing items it will be able to stop it from occurring or you can add a permanent tab in the deepest area of the closet for dirty money and that will be able to prevent it from happening as well. i hope this info was useful and that it could help you in patching the glitch and putting the apartments back in to the server TY and have a good day
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