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  1. Crips are all admins that abuse end of story. I will be using my GANG CHAT and when i die they will know.
  2. One of the crips got killed at VU and got revived btw. what was that about
  3. The crips get all special powers and perks with the admins. They can do what ever they want they get what ever they want. Today one crip died instantly got revived. They have all insane weapons because admins give it to them. Admins then defend them when they are caught red handed RDMING. Today one crip was caught out in middle of no where and was headshot and killed. Then I left the scene 25 mins later my friends. Unarmed and Did not even help kill him just stood there and watched. crips then later roll up and gun them down and RDM them. How did they KNOW WHERE HE WAS? Crazy facts. Server manager btw defended them. Claimed my friends sat in a bush. META GAMING IS ALLOWED BTW
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