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  1. So probably any house u try to get in u will fall threw the map and then u will spawn at legion square and become invisible also you cant see no one it happened to me after the restart that happened before the 6am one tried to restart my pc cleared the cache restarted the router but nothing fixed it and i just keep respawnin at legion invisible and after the 6 am restart i found that also it happened to another two guys .
  2. Probably when you try to put cars in stock and it doesnt show the menu of cars and when visiting f8 it shows this (srry for the quality) So if someone can fix it ill be grateful !!
  3. Could you try to fix some of them and especially the Dealership one it will help alot when it will be on Many citizen come and ask for an ATM and they should go to the nearest shop and that will take time So ill be very grateful if you can do something about it
  4. How about adding new dances and new animations in the animations menu It will be cool to see new dances or new sport animations
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