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  1. What if we could implement a way to take the RP and instead of it just in game, we add a channel (or server) in discord specifically for talking in character and meeting new people and making friends? (I'm aware of the one channel on the server for advertising jobs, but I'm talking about just casual chatting and stuff) That way when some of us arent home but still want to be part of the RP we could do so. I feel this would escalate ADRP to a whole new level that nobody has seen before and it would help everyone stay up to date in game when you're not there. It could be like the twitter page in game but on discord, or even create a facebook page or twitter page and we all create profiles as our characters, take selfies in game and make that our profile pictures. I truly think this would be awesome to implement!
  2. EDIT 2: excuse was, i was leaving a well known drug area. when he turned around to pull me over, i was almost in the tunnel at the bottom of the Naked mountains. the drug spot is at the top. there are multiple pathways that run through that mountain. i could have simply been off-roading. so that argument is also considered invalid.
  3. EDIT: Reasonable suspicion and probable cause is the argument to pulling me over. keep in mind i was following all basic traffic laws when I passed the officer, he turned around and lit his lights and siren. just because im in the area DOES NOT mean that is proper reasonable doubt to pull me over and would lead to the fact of profiling.
  4. In-game Character Name Alex Dean Name of the player(s) you're reporting Admin: Major J. Jones I have attempted to resolve this issue No Date of the incident 05/26/2019 Time of incident 06:45 Please provide details and explain what happened in this incident Was in the mountains selling meth, which is in fact, illegal. we hear sirens out in the distance and leave. On the way down the mountain the cop decides to pull me over for 0 reason. BY LAW: You cannot pull someone over without reasonable doubt. His claim is that im in the area and thats why he pulled me over, but in that instance that would be considered profiling and BY LAW that is also illegal. I'm not the only person around there at the time. So that therefore would be considered FailRP. Because by law : Reasonable doubt is needed to pull someone over. Not just because I was in the area(he also claims that Police can pull anyone over when wanted and that is false unless he is in fact a DOT cop and still, DOT's can only pull over commercial vehicles. I have thoroughly read the rules and nowhere does it state they can pull anyone over for any reason wanted. Also, I was frozen and murdered after I shot and killed Officer Jones because apparently my gun has disappeared and I failed to follow the Value of Life. But I in fact, had my gun out the whole time and when he caught up to me I told him to put his gun away and he did not so I shot. thats when i was froze and he murdered me. Add your evidence you can speak with @hop#9502, he was in the vehicle with me at the time. I have a shadowplay recording but only of when i was frozen and murdered by major Jones after I already shot him and started to flee the area. I have read the terms Yes
  5. chest the 3 ball payout is subject to if there was a jackpot winner or not. in this case the jackpot was hit, so therefore, you don't win anything.
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