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  1. I RPing with john its much fun for the last months he used to be the most active mech.... heell yee
  2. Recently people are trying to have new hangout spots one of them is Pink Cage Motel. Is There any way to add 1 or 2 appartements ( with a and affordable rent prices )so pepole can use the place to trade items + The house close to the place is 10k rent and its bugged it will put u on the top of the building if u leave the appartement.
  3. funnytn

    ATM Dealership

    The ATM is not working again at the Dealership it was working for the last week and after the last update " Steam id " its gone.
  4. Tony Accardi is the real name of Tommy Theone, born and raised in Torino Italy, son of Thomas Accardi one of the five most powerful men in Italy, the head of the Italian mafia in Torino. At the age of 15 both of his parents was murdered by the Italian mafia in front of his eyes, he managed to get out of Torino alive with his dads secret files. After 3 years Tony was able to join the Italian Special Forces in order to serve his country, He served his country for 2 years then the Italian undercover police recruited him in order to get inside the Italian mafia and to have an Intel about this organization. At the age of 24 he met his wife Monica Alva at Nürburgring race track during an organized race in Germany, She was driving a red Mazda RX-7 and he didn’t even try to overtake her all along the race. After, one year of marriage things goes wrong the Mafia discovered that he is the son of Thomas Accardi and they managed to murder his wife. At this moment he was able to have a list of all the names involved with the murder of his parents and his wife. In one month Tony was able to go after all the names in the list even the bad cops and he became the most wanted man for the Italian law and the mafia. For the next 2 years Tony was living in Germany he spends all of his time blaming himself. He was driving his car every day asking for his death on the road until one day when he was looking into his father secret files he discovered that he has a sister living in the US. At the age of 27 he managed to get a new ID and escaped to the US to start his new life at Los Santos with his new name Tommy Theone. Tommy starts his new life slowly at Los Santos he spent his first months working as a Tanker and he was able to have a good idea about the city without being spotted allot in the city using Tony undercover skills in order to make sure that he knows what is going on in LS. After a while Tommy starts to have some friends and he start his own collection of the Japanese cars. Tommy is always helpful to the new coming and he tries his best to teach them how to make money from legal Jobs. Tommy makes sure from time to time to check on fishermen and fashion designers and escort them when they are done from their jobs. After his best friend Tyrone, one of the best car dealers in LS, left the city for a while he joined the car dealership in order to help others getting their dream cars. One day when he was doing his job a young lady come down to the dealership and ask him to test drive a car when she gave him her ID he discovered that she is the one that he was looking for “his sister“ that was one of the best moments since he lost his family back in Italy. Away from anything gang related and crime related Tommy tries his best to bring more fun and peace to the city. Between Tommy the good guy that everybody loves and Tony it’s hard for him to deal with some situations. Whatever wrong happened to Tommy and his friends Tony is the one who deals with it and he makes sure that nobody knows.
  5. l JEB, i mean brothers love.
  6. You can't blow up the tires of the honda integra dc2 with normal pistol and i m sure i haven't put any bulletproof tires but with a revolver or something like ARs its works.
  7. I think there is an issue with one car, i ll not mention the model in this report, it starts when i bought this car and then put it into the garage and it was added to the list of my cars the problem appears when i went with "another car" to the mech shop and customize the last one when i get back to the grage i found that the grage swap the last bought car with this one and it was not a duplicate, it has a new license plate. When this happen to me the first time i was able to speak with Chief Justice Russo on discord who give me a refund of this car because it seems like i didn't managed to get my car. Then i was able to buy again this car and i managed to put it in the garage then when i was chilling around i found another car , it cost 4 times the price of this car, so i decided to troll the owner and change the color at the mech shop then when i went to the garage i found out that now i have this car on my car list and the other one is gone. This issue happened twice with this Car. I think if someone else use this bug he will be able to swap this car with any other car. If you want the car model you Can DM on discord or ingame.
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