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  1. Forgot to add it also has Account support (black money, clean money, etc) and properties support, and many more.
  2. Found this on the FiveM forums. https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-esx-inventory-hud-2-3-properties-trunks-players/388318 I have seen a lot of other servers use it and I personally think its way better than the default ESX hud. Just a little suggestion
  3. I like this idea, would also be really good for Police to have there radio clicks, etc. But they would have to get a TS Server and having a TS Server & a discord server is kinda eh. And also a lot of new people probs wouldnt connect to the Teamspeak server and we would come across a lot of people who just dont talk.
  4. https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-esx-scoreboard-128-slot/659414 Found this on the forum, I thought this would be very helpful.
  5. I do agree, I rolled around with this guy several times and the RP he brings is funny as hell. He puts on a unique character on the server.
  6. Why did you put this in suggestions?
  7. Would be cool for police when they cuff someone it makes a little cuff sound. Just a little suggestion to add to make RP a little more realistic.
  8. Joseph Pole

    No Paychecks

    They fixed it one time but now its happening again, i was on patrol for 3 hours. I clocked in no paychecks, I re-clocked in and still no paychecks
  9. Yes we were leaving the Hobo camp after selling drugs there, we were pretty much already almost off the mountain we just needed to go down one trail. We were not speeding we were acting casual. And then we see a BCSO officer do a U-Turn and conduct a 10-11. We were highly confused at this point. We started a pursuit and went off-road with our Off-road car. We ended up getting to the main road and ditched the car. Dale had his Gun out and I had my gun out. We were running across the street to get a car. At that point we see the officer and we decided to jump the bridge and go down. And then I hear gun shots in the distance. And see the officer die. Thats all I saw from there. Just giving my side of the story.
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