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  1. NOS Whitelist Application 

    • Name (Steam Username)*

    • What is your character name(s)
      Mikel Keyes

    • what's your hex converted steamID64?

    • What's your Discord name?

    • Age (IRL)

    • Nationality
      German, Native American, African, Irish, ...ect

    • Can you speak and type in fluent english ?

    • How many hours do you think you have on the server?

    • Why would you like to become a part of American Dream RP?
      I would like to be part of ADG because the rp experience is like no other RP servers, such as the community, staff, jobs, cars, and the scripts are all very cool and interesting

    • What will you bring to American Dream?
      I will bring good, fun, interesting rp experience, my driving is like no other so i'll give the lazy cops something to look forward to.

    • How will you make American Dream better for everyone?
      I'll make ADG a better place by helping those who need help and guide those who are bringing bad rn/shit lord rp to a better rp that no in such a way and more enjoyable experience.

    • What is your character's backstory?
      Hello my name is Mikel Keyes. I was born in Florida. I grew up staying out late at night, running from the police,smoking with the boys, rolling dice/gambling, racing and selling a few things from side to side. I moved seeking to meet business contacts, money plays, might even try to start the MidNight Club car culture doing pink slips, and a croupier.

    • What is Metagaming?
      Is when a player uses real live knowledge to act accordingly to determine another player's action in game. Such as joining a discord, and listening to a conversation and killing that person.

    • What is RDM & VDM?
      R.D.M Is Random Death Match aka killing someone without any lead up, V.D.M Is Vehicle Death Match aka running people over in a vehicle with no rp or lead up.

    I, as the applicant am fully aware that if I copied, Lied or put any false information on this application that I am liable to have my membership revoked without notice.

    I agree.

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