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  1. Fuel cans weigh 75lbs. They can only be bought with a bag on.
  2. https://gyazo.com/9cd29d81089c3cfb5be13a845d8496a5
  3. This city does not recognize head shots. You want to kill someone you need to kill them all the way. And you can check the internet for the Cops that do in-fact run at someone shooting.
  4. At this time this complaint is denied- The officer in this video did not break any server rules. Currently we do not recognize head shots on the server due to the fact that they were OP and one person would see a head shot another couldn't. The officer clearly had body armor on when you engaged him. You where not able to kill him in the shooting and he was able to get to you and tackle you. COMPLAINT DENIED
  5. This was already dealt with when we had a conversation after your incident at MRPD. Billy walker and his friend were already informed of what is and isn't allowed in this city. You were also informed that you could still pursue the issue IC since you had video and you were not force re-spawned.
  6. Thank you for this report The admin team will Take the appropriate action.
  7. Pax

    Robbing People

    There is already a system for it and to prevent it from being abused its locked to people in gangs.
  8. Pax

    Handcuff item

    how many times do single cops handcuff more than 3 people at once?
  9. Pax

    Handcuff item

    In the real Most cops carry 2-3 sets of cuffs and they don't loose them. When they cuff someone and take them to a precinct or the Jail they get their cuffs back when they turn someone over.
  10. Pax

    House garage issue

    Tried to store my car in the house garage and the garage vanished and got this error https://gyazo.com/2cb5a0263548114fc83409d39a41216a
  11. This Issue Has been dealt with the parties involved. This matter is now closed
  12. Your account of what happened and who broke what rule needs to go in this forum for staff to take action.
  13. OK i need to know exactly how Butters broke server rules. As for The staff members you can report them in staff complaint. If your wanting to get off your ban you need to go file a unban request.
  14. Pax

    FD Improvements

    Add a way to see how long the person has left. So the we can Triage people accordingly
  15. Pax

    FD Improvements

    A few things that would really help the FD do our jobs right. -Fix the of the Ragdoll command.. We waste close to 5-6 mins on a call just waiting for them the flow because the menu command does not work all the time. -Fix unable to remove people from the ambulance. Police have no issue putting people in and out of a vehicle but our command is not working we can not pull them out. - Fix Escorting. The police Escort works so flawlessly however ours does not work 1/2 the time. -Add an item "C-Coller" That will immobilize people for transport like the old handcuffs as well as forces them into a laying down animation while the EMS move them around.. -Add Scuba Gear to the FD shop. We can not rescue people underwater without it. -check the evaluation system. 1/2 the time it does not work range appears to be very small for the interaction. -Add an item "C-Coller" That will immobilize people for transport like the old handcuffs as well as forces them into a laying down animation while the EMS move them around.. PaX @Jones
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