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  1. This city does not recognize head shots. You want to kill someone you need to kill them all the way. And you can check the internet for the Cops that do in-fact run at someone shooting.
  2. At this time this complaint is denied- The officer in this video did not break any server rules. Currently we do not recognize head shots on the server due to the fact that they were OP and one person would see a head shot another couldn't. The officer clearly had body armor on when you engaged him. You where not able to kill him in the shooting and he was able to get to you and tackle you. COMPLAINT DENIED
  3. This was already dealt with when we had a conversation after your incident at MRPD. Billy walker and his friend were already informed of what is and isn't allowed in this city. You were also informed that you could still pursue the issue IC since you had video and you were not force re-spawned.
  4. Thank you for this report The admin team will Take the appropriate action.
  5. This Issue Has been dealt with the parties involved. This matter is now closed
  6. Your account of what happened and who broke what rule needs to go in this forum for staff to take action.
  7. OK i need to know exactly how Butters broke server rules. As for The staff members you can report them in staff complaint. If your wanting to get off your ban you need to go file a unban request.
  8. What is your complaint against these people?
  9. The Tron individuals have been dealt with and were removed from the city.
  10. We have reviewed your evidence and the server logs. There is no log that you were killed by Joey Diaz. According to the logs you had no death at all on the 26th. Our reccomendation if this continues is you employ one of the many programs that allows you to record up to 5 mins in the past. Please feel free to file another report if this happens again. Included is the photo of our server logs showing your deaths. https://gyazo.com/78381ea7b110f3e71cd439a9457d7e84
  11. Pax

    How ro become a member

  12. Pax

    In game twitter

    IF you did not set up a twitter you have to. If you forgot the password its lost
  13. Pax


    we dont have specific dispatchers. Some members of the police have tried in the past. would start by joining the SADPS
  14. some people have gotten it to work but reported input lag when using them.
  15. You will need to apply here to join. Please make sure that you include a good realistic back story. https://americandreamrp.com/index.php?/application/form/1-whitelist-application/
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