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  1. Pax

    EMS Issues

    Escorting people does not work alot of the time Pulling people out of the ambulance does not work at all.
  2. Pax

    Fire Rescue

    We would like to see more things added into the city for the fire department to do rather than just medical after medical.. Something we were talking about is a rescue event triggered when someone crashes their cars with roll overs they become trapped in the car that the FD then has to come into play and rescue them.
  3. Pax

    Boat shop broken

    This has been broken for some time and needs to be disabled untill fixed. People buying boats loose the money but no boat is in thier shops
  4. They only disapear when people fail to listen to staff when we tell you you need to wait 1-2 mins before selecting your character.
  5. Pax

    Police Commands

    however to macro opening your K menu then going to citizen and then going to cuff is alot more difficult than macroing a simple /e command.
  6. Pax

    Police Commands

    this has been asked for beffore and it was denied as it could/would be abused. People would key bind it and could cuff with a single key stoke. having to go through the menu emulates taking cuffs out of your case and begining the cuffing.
  7. Prices of the guns are set so that people will have to work to get a gun in the city. People will value thier guns and it prevents people from coming into the city buying a gun right away and shooting people excessively,.
  8. Pax

    Weapon attachments

    As of 10 mins ago, pistol MKII will not transfer with a suppressor. Tried handing it as well as transferring it via a car.
  9. Pax

    Escaping jail

    Can we please make it so that you can only leave the jail via the jail break script.. THere is 1 door that seems to be getting unlocked constently and people in jail walk out of it. When they climb in the trunk of a car and ride away with jail time ticking down. It should be something similar to the community service if they get out of the jail by any other means then the jail break they get teleported back in with extra time added.
  10. you can buy any property and make it your " Hideout" Staff permission is not needed for that if your gang buys it.
  11. That would be massively abused same reason why we will NOT allow people to force someone to remove money from ATMS
  12. IF gangs own a property they can use it.. Thats always been allowed.
  13. Pax

    Body cams

    you can use the motorcycle helmet with the camera attached to it without a problem
  14. Pax

    Remove the map

    there is a setting in the settings to remove it
  15. Pax

    Remove the map

    maybe buying a GPS item then allows you to have it. I know i carry a personal one around with me everywhere. But these days you get the same thing rom your phones
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